I keep running into people who have expectations of bloggers. Wrong expectations. You hear statements like: “Why are Nigerian bloggers not reporting this?” or “Why

Bloggers and this Identity Crisis

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MoCool Torso

I keep running into people who have expectations of bloggers. Wrong expectations. You hear statements like: “Why are Nigerian bloggers not reporting this?” or “Why is there no mention of So-and-so on Nigerian tech blogs?” Here is the simple answer that nobody else has been bold enough to give:

If they are not writing about it, it is because it is of no interest to them.

If you want wide news coverage, go buy a newspaper. Go to a news medium. That’s what they exist for. A blogger is not necessarily a journalist. If someone wants to practice journalism, I say, “Go for it! Go learn the practice, ethics and methodologies of journalism and start that news site or medium.” Awesome. There is room for that.

But here is what blogging is primarily all about: personal interest. It is nobody’s place to dictate what a blogger writes about or publishes. I am a blogger; not a journalist. I write about the things that interest me. Everything else is optional. I am under no obligation to write about Xyz phone or service if it doesn’t interest me.

If you want to blog, don’t let anyone define you. Your readers follow you because of your unique voice, not because you duplicate everything that is already available on every news site on the internet. Feed your followership. Build your kingdom. Don’t kill your unique voice because of the expectations of some others. Don’t become bland. Don’t lose your personal brand.

  1. Preach it sir.

    Someone said blogging is lazy journalism. I think it’s because of what many blogs are known for — gossips/copy-and-past. However, I believe there are blogs that stand out which is a good thing. I hope we have more of such outstanding and unique blogs.

    Keep setting the pace!!!

  2. Exactly, also one thing i get to deduced about our so called bloggers of this Trendy Age is that they don’t seem’s to be Optimistic about their Niche, funny enough some don’t even knows their Niche Hence they keep doing the Ctrl C & V’ of a thing!

  3. Blogging, like life, needs to have a raison d’etre . Lots of people go into blogging, and usually can not sustain it because they don’t have an intense specific purpose behind it.

    Lots of people ask why I don’t start a blog, but I know I could not sustain it. I simply don’t have a strong enough reason, currently .

    There are numerous blogs, with truly short life cycles. They are started, they die, others start, an endless cycle.

    Bloggers like Mobility that have been around for long, are few and should be commended, as well as encouraged. The commendation is even more deserved because, until recently, the topic of interest has been well defined. And single. Getting topics to write about, especially with the policy of no_free_ publicity, must be a constant, unending cycle.

    One of the ways I encourage its continued existence and relevance is by commenting, and deliberately going controversial sometimes, to stimulate conversation. Nobody likes talking to a dead audience.

    Am not sure the idea of mixing up all sorts of things with the main thrust.. is so desirable. that’s just my opinion.
    The initial method of having a link to other interests from the main blog would be a lot better. That way, people with zero interest in other unrelated areas would not have irrelevant content shoved in their faces.

    There are blogs know for a cornucopia of jumbled contents, but I would truly hate to see mobility turn into that. Maybe I am resisting evolution, but then, am human, shey?

    Now, I wonder if I have just shoved my hand into a cobra’s mouth # runs_ far_ away

  4. EyeBeeKay,

    We appreciate your consistent comments here on Mobility. Sometimes, it is as if you sit here just waiting for the next article to go live. Much love!!

    Cobra? Where? Please come back!!! We only have dragons here!

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