Blow Air to Your Phone or Shake to Unlock it

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The magic of Android is the fun things you can do with apps. I present to you, this awesome app you can use to boast amongst your peers. With this app installed on your (android) phone, all you have to do is blow air to your phone, and it unlocks. The app also combines it with a shake to unlock feature if the air blowing feels weird for you.


I learnt this app was extracted from a phone called Canvas 4, recently launched by Micromax India. Credits to the bad guys in XDA. They extracted the apk for all Android users to have a taste of this cool feature. Best of all, it works without root.

To install this app:

  • Ensure that your phone is enabled to “Allow installation of apps from unknown sources”
  • Grab the apk HERE
  • After installation, Tap the Padlock Icon once to enable the feature.

Below is a link to a video that illustrates how this app works.



  1. Numerous apps exist to shake2Unlock, but the ‘blowing air to unlock’ is the one that took my breath away!

    What sensor is used to detect that blowing?

    Perhaps we will, one day, see smartphones equipped with a sensor to detect the amount of alcohol a motorist has ingested by just having him blow on the phone (a pseudo breathalyzer).

    The policemen (probably drunk on duty themselves) can then easily detect and prosecute ‘drunk drivers’ for a stint in the gallows…

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