BLU fixes security issue on six smartphones

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An official statement from BLU Products says the company has identified and has quickly removed a recent security issue caused by a 3rd party app on six BLU mobile devices. The app had been collecting unauthorized personal data such as text messages, call logs, and contacts.

The affected devices include:

  1. R1 HD
  2. Energy X Plus 2
  3. Studio Touch
  4. Advance 4.0 L2
  5. Neo XL
  6. Energy Diamond

The affected application has since been self-updated and the functionality verified to be no longer collecting or sending this information.

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Check Your BLU Device

If you own one of the listed smartphone, check: Settings -> Apps -> Settings icon in top right corner -> Show System -> Wireless Update. If your Wireless Update version is v5. or higher, your BLU device has received the security fix update and is fine.

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