Bluboo Maya Max First Impressions

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Perhaps you have never heard of the brand, Bluboo. It is a Chinese brand that was established in 2006. Bluboo is extending its reach internationally with a range of interesting smartphones. The Bluboo Maya Max has arrived Mobility Arena and gives us our first encounter with any of their devices. I share my Bluboo Maya Max first impressions below. Enjoy the show!

Bluboo Maya Max birds view min

Bluboo Maya Max First Impressions

China loves metal and lots of Chinese manufacturers have embraced all-metal unibody for their smartphones. The Maya Max follows in that tradition. It is a solid device in the hand. The design language reminds me of the UMi Plus and Infinix Zero 4 Plus. The rear is brushed metal though.

The Bluboo Maya Max runs Android 6 Marshmallow and has a 6-inch display, a Mediatek MTK6750 Octa-core CPU clocked at 1.5 GHz, 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB internal storage. There is no expandable slot for a memory card. There’s a big 4,200 mAh battery with quick charge thrown in. The USB port is Type-C. There is a fingerprint scanner at the back just below the camera flash.

The user interface is a mildly skinned version of Android with large, icons with rounded edges. There is no app drawer here. All apps can be accessed by swiping horizontally, iPhone-style.

The Maya Max loudspeaker won’t win any awards in terms of audio output quality, but it is very loud. The phone supports 4 4G LTE bands. Because it is pretty much stock Android, the Bluboo Maya Max does not let you peg network to 3G or 4G only.

On the left side is a hardware mute button that toggles between general profile and vibrate. And an unusual one: the SIM tray opener is implemented as a plug for the 3.5mm audio port at the top of the Bluboo Maya Max. From the little time I’ve used the phone, it looks like this pin will go missing rather soon. It keeps getting loose from the port and I have to push it in again.

Bluboo Maya Max Photos

Here are some photos of the Bluboo Maya Max:

Bluboo Maya Max lean on box min

Bluboo Maya Max back min

Bluboo Maya Max pin min

Bluboo Maya Max perspective min

Bluboo Maya Max bottom edge min

The Bluboo Maya Max looks and feels like a very solid smartphone that will deliver value for money. Do expect our series of feature articles on performance and benchmark tests, 4G LTE tests, as well as our full review. In the meantime, you can read up the Bluboo Maya Max specifications.


  1. Mr Mo, How does one get the Maya Max or better specced phone now that Naira Mastercards can’t do intl shopping online?

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