Bluetooth 5 now available: better speed, range, capacity

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Bluetooth 5 is now ready as the standard and made available to manufacturers. Up till this time, Bluetooth 4.2 was the most advanced Bluetooth implementation available. Bluetooth is the global wireless standard for simple, secure, low-power connectivity

What improvements does Bluetooth 5 bring? Have a look at this list below.

The Benefits of Bluetooth 5

Bluetooth 5
Here are the key improvements in Bluetooth 5:

  1. two times faster than Bluetooth 4.2
  2. It has 4 times the range of Bluetooth 4.2
  3. It can transfer 8 times the data that Bluetooth transfers
  4. improved location awareness and smarter technology that collects data to provide personalized experiences for the end user

What do all of the above improvements translate to?

In summary, longer range powers whole home and building coverage, for more robust and reliable connections. Higher speed enables more responsive, high-performance devices. Increased broadcast message size increases the data sent for improved and more context relevant solutions.

Of course, improved location awareness also means bye-bye to more of your privacy in exchange for smarter functionality. But, hey, we signed that away long ago anyway.

When Will The First Devices Get Bluetooth 5?

You can expect to see the first smartphones, tablets and other devices built with Bluetooth 5 within two to six months from now. It all depends on how fast the device manufacturer adopts it. You can expect leading mobile brands like Samsung, Huawei, and others to be first to the market. But who knows? Some other brands might just decide to beat them to it. It is a whole new world we live in after all.

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