Is Bluetooth Fast Pair for Android goodbye to pairing woes?

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Bluetooth Fast Pair for Android is Google’s response to Apple’s effortless AirPods pairing. Bluetooth Fast Pair is an easy way to discover and pair Bluetooth devices on Android OS smartphones. Fast Pair is a merger of two Bluetooth technologies: Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and classic Bluetooth. We explain how it works.

Bluetooth Fast Pair for Android

How Bluetooth Fast Pair for Android Works

Bluetooth Fast Pair for Android uses BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) for advertising and discovery and uses classic Bluetooth for pairing. Here is what happens during the very fast pairing process:

  1. Turn on a Bluetooth Fast Pair-enabled device and put it in pairing mode. Your Android smartphone scans for BLE broadcasts within vicinity. You get a high priority notification on your phone requiring you to “Tap to pair” to the device. The notification contains the product name and image.
  2. Tap on the received notification to connect.
  3. You will see a success notification. This notification may contain a link to download the companion app (if one is available).

All of these happen fast and without you having to dive into your phone’s Bluetooth settings.

Is This Goodbye To Bluetooth Woes?

With all of the smartphone world’s technological advances, using Bluetooth has largely remained a painful process. don’t get me started on the incompatibility issues between different Bluetooth devices. Does this new pairing technology solve that? Time will tell.

Even where there are no compatibility issues, up till now, to pair your smartphone, you have to open the Bluetooth settings so your device is visible to other devices. But you may have some waiting to do before this new implementation becomes really useful to you.

When Can You Start Using Bluetooth fast Pair?

The technology is available for now only on Google Pixel Buds or Libratone’s Q Adapt On-Ear. It will be available soon on Plantronics Voyager 8200 series wireless headsets. More accessory manufacturers will have to implement it in their new products. But better late than never.

Bluetooth Fast Pair will be available to Android smartphones running version 6.0 Marshmallow and newer.

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  1. Fast pairing is not really my most concern, but to be able to transfer data fast is what they should work on, just like flash share and Xender

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