Mister Mo shares how using Bluetooth tethering saved his neck in a dire situation. He includes a guide to help you set it up and use it….

How Bluetooth tethering through two phones saved my neck

Mister Mo shares how using Bluetooth tethering saved his neck in a dire situation. He includes a guide to help you set it up and use it.


I am currently reviewing the TECNO Camon CX and I have a SIM in it – a Glo 4G SIM that I sometimes use for data. I needed to do some work on a laptop – a Windows 7 laptop – and required internet access. So, I enabled wireless hotspot on the CX and proceeded to connect the laptop to it. But the laptop wouldn’t see the hotspot. Our extensive testing later nailed the problem to the laptop. It has nothing to do with the Camon CX, as were able to use the hotspot with other laptops that run Windows 7, 8 and 10.

bluetooth tethering


Anyway, back to the story. At the time this happened, I had only this particular older Windows 7 laptop at hand. Nothing I tried worked: not even reboots of the phone and laptop. I searched Google for possible solutions, but none of the ones I found applied to my situation.

Eventually, I thought I’d get creative about it. I had my regular smartphone with me as well. The plan I came up with was this: share the 4G internet on the CX with my phone via Bluetooth tethering, then turn on the hotspot on my phone (which the laptop sees and connects to without issues) for the laptop to use. LOL. What a long journey to get internet on the laptop. But it was a shot.


So, I set things up, and guess what – it worked! Routing mobile internet through two smartphones got me online on the laptop in a jiffy and I was able to get my work done.


Later, I also tried USB tethering directly from the CX to the laptop, and that worked too.

While WiFi hotspot may be all the rave these days, it is good to be aware of other lesser used technologies that can save your neck if ever caught in this kind of fix.

Remember this: Sharing your smartphone’s internet can be done not only via Wi-Fi hotspot, but also via Bluetooth tethering and USB tethering.

On your Android smartphone, you will usually find both USB and Bluetooth tethering features listed in the same menu as Wireless hotspot. Note that depending on customisation by specific manufacturer, the location may vary. It takes only one tap to enable either.

Bluetooth tethering is available on Windows Phone too, right in the same menu as well.

How to setup Bluetooth tethering

On an Android smartphone, turn on Bluetooth on your device.

Go to Settings -> Tethering & portable hotspot -> Toggle the button to turn Bluetooth tethering on.


Now, go pair your smartphone with the laptop, PC or other device that you want to share your internet with.

On a Windows smartphone, turn on Bluetooth on your device.


Go to Settings -> Network & Wireless -> Mobile hotspot -> Under “Share my mobile data connection over”, select Bluetooth.

As with Android smartphones, to share your internet, you have to go pair your smartphone with the laptop, PC or other device. Do not forget: with Bluetooth tethering, in addition to enabling it, you also have to pair your phone with he device you are sharing internet with.

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