Boeing says YES! to Android

Mark Larson, a technical manager at Boeing, recently revealed their move to power their new 787 Dreamliner series’ multimedia devices with the Android OS. The 787 Dreamliners will feature Android based servers and touchscreen. Lasson said

a lot of the larger screens (for business and first class) will be non-touch because you can’t reach them, although they’ve also got a prototype of gesturing”.

Panasonic has however taken the first step to build the first BOEING 787 Android touchscreen. The devices will range between 7″ to 17″.

I think this is good news to the Android platform.


  1. tut..tut..

    I think this will leave such planes very vulnerable to threats. I think they should have used another Linux-derived OS

  2. Just wait until windows 8 comes to the mainstream. It’s definitely going to blow away the competition

  3. @twitter_martinkem
    You mentioned threats as the reason to use another Linux derived OS and when asked of the threats, you jumped to Windows 8. Is Windows 8 free of threats or you just looking for opportunity where there is none to criticize Android?

    It makes you appear like a sympathizer of some platform that is not doing so well.

  4. No threats will on those devices will affect the planes since it isn’t android that is powering the plane’s software , its only the multimedia touchscreens that have android installed on them

  5. @Harry Echemco,

    Getting cross eyed? The two statements are from two different individuals. @spacyzuma mentioned the threat to Boering and @martinkem spoke about the windows 8. These are two different individuals expressing different views.

  6. @DeolaDoctor, staring at those small screens for so long really can cause strabismus , abi I lie? …lol

  7. Threats should not be dismissed with awave of the hands. We don’t know how Boeing intends to implement the android OS yet. If the multimedia will be networked with the information technology of the airline and planes, then android could be the vulnerable spot for hackers to get in.

    And, yes! Strabismus could be a real danger when you stare too long on those small screens. Luckily, you wouldn’t get that with the proposed Boeing plan since the screens will be between 7″ and 17″. @echemco is permitted to own an android tablet or an iPad to prevent further deterioration of the strabismus (cross eyed)

  8. Like I said before some of you are simply looking for opportunity where there is none to take a poke at Android. The doc. what a pity that IOS or Symbian is not chosen by Boeing and then you would’ve been shouting hurray that the best thing in the world has happened to aviation.

    Irrespective of how much you are piqued by the facts on ground, you just have to take it. Airlines have been using one form of OS or the other to power their intertainment systems before now and hackers are aware of that and no sy stem is foolproof to attack. So enjoy your jokes but Boeing has taken a decision and the worst you can do is avoid their services if you ever get the opportunity or means.

  9. @deoladoctor

    The doc. your eyes seem to be doing a wonderful job only you are reasoning is letting you down. If you think it would be wrong to dismiss threats with a wave of the hand because of lack of adequate knowledge on how Boeing is going to implement the Android OS, then you should known that it is also wrong to speculate on threats in the first place. May I recommend logic for dummies to sharpen your reasoning.

    Enjoy your jokes but Boeing has made a choice of platform and it’s staying that way.

  10. Now, Harry, why this attack on DeolaDoctor?

    Can you not take a joke? Resorting to personal insults does not cut it- at all.

    Saying his reasoning is letting him down is abusive, and more importantly, FALSE. Go and read his post again. He was definitely reasoning soundly.And he merely called attention to your error of muddling up two different comments from two different individuals!

    I would suggest you play down on personal UNMERITED attack…

  11. @Eye-Bee-Kay

    I think you’re the one whose trying to turn the whole joke into something else. Maybe if I had used those terms as cross-eyed and strabismus, you would have termed them insult and personal attack. You wouldn’t have seen the joke in it.

    Please I can give and take jokes and I do not mean to insult the doc or attack him or his personality. It’s all jokes and please try to see the joke rather than trying to cause a rift between us with your misunderstanding of the intended joke.

  12. No threats will on those devices will affect the planes since it isn’t android that is powering the plane’s software , its only the multimedia touchscreens that have android installed on them

    @Akinbobola Akinola, how can your be that categorical? If they user Android for their multimedia system, it makes sense for them top user same on other more critical sub systems. Inter-operability. CONVENIENCE.

    I would definitely be hesitant to be dismissive of the persistent ANDROID hacker attack. See .another example of a calamity waiting to happen if hackers succeed in compromising this system…

  13. @Echemco,
    I stand by what I say concerning the possibility of hackers attack on android. Care should be taken on such issues and am sure Boeing would have taken all nessesary precautions.

    I am posting with an android to show you I am equally at home with androids. I am not a Nokia fanboy or an IOS worshiper. If anything, I love Android more than any other OS. Seems android/Google paid you this morning to defend them ehn?

  14. @Eye.Bee.Kay:

    Raising the alarm of threat as if it is peculiar to Android is very wrong. No matter the system used, there would always be the. threat of hackers.

  15. @echemco & EyeBeeKay
    Sheath your swords guys. We are all here to learn and have some little fun.

    Android and windows are more prone to attacks than Symbian or iOS. So whoever adopts these OSs takes cognizance of the fact and acts accordingly.

  16. Harry, no, it is NOT wrong. And i have not said threats are peculiar to Android. Just more likely.

    Merely saying it is risky to use an OS that is the current PRIMARY FOCUS of mobile hackers. Like Windows on desktop, it is getting more ferocious effort from hackers because it is currently the most used and most popular.

    I would recommend a less popular, unknown, possibly prophetary OS – as SpacyZuma mentioned, for sensitive hogs like airplanes, warheads and autodrive automobiles…

  17. The GPS more than the entertainment system on airlines would be a better attraction to hackers. If hackers haven’t seek it fit attack the GPS on which modern aviation revolves around, then they certainly won’t bother with the Android system that is going to be powering Boeing planes in the near future.

    The obscure system that Eye.Bee.Kay is talking about does not exist anymore because everything on the internet is now available to whoever cares to search for it, except it is going to be an inhouse thing.

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