Announcing Bolt 1.5 – and a Goodbye to Beta

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boltThis morning, Bitstream, the developers of Bolt mobile browser, have announced the availability of Bolt 1.5, and a drop of the beta tag.

From the press release:

You will be automatically prompted to upgrade the next time you launch BOLT.

Many of the most significant upgrades occur “under the hood,” but you are sure to notice the results – v1.5 is the most reliable, fastest browser we have ever released – more than 15% faster than Beta3.

Other new features include the ability to stream videos of any length, a dedicated search bar, a download manager that downloads files directly from BOLT, improved navigation and text rendering, and a caching feature that enables browsing back to a previously visited page without waiting to reload.


  1. Opera still rules.
    I don’t use bolt. I only want to focus on one browser and it will take a while before the editable version is released.

  2. What is Bolt exactly? Is it only a mobile browser? Can i use it on my laptop for internet browsing as well? Need to know.

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