Bolt Browser Discontinued

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Bolt Browser Discontinued

Notice from the Bolt browser website:

Dear BOLT User,

The free BOLT mobile browsing service will be discontinued. Unfortunately, the economic circumstances prevent us from running a free service going forward. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your loyalty and support.

The BOLT Team

I hope that our developers and internet entrepreneurs are reading between the lines. The freemium free model doesn’t always work. Actually, very few succeed. We are hearing of this because Bolt became well-known before being discontinued.

As always, the “motivators” point at an exclusive and very short list of successful services e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc, but the statistics are available for anyone who cares to take a look below the surface of the hype. The vast majority of freemium free services die out in a few years. Those success stories are the exceptions.

It is even worse under the current economic circumstances. If you don’t find a way to charge for your services or products, perhaps they are not worth much and we can do without them eventually.

‘Nuff said.


  1. This is really bad news. Does that mean the browser itself and further updates won’t be available for download or it won’t work at all?

  2. I’ll be downloading and storing the installation files for future installs on my devices should in case they soon stop allowing downloads too.

    Too bad. The browser had potential but lacked funds 🙁

  3. A sad news really.

    @Udegbunam Chukwudi
    A pity the service is also going to be suspended. The service is actually the crux of the matter not the application development.

    I think their problem is beating the pioneer and biggest player in the server-assisted mobile browser – Opera Software Company. And now to do that you need a very good product. Now their product has great potential in terms of rendering but I think their compression ratio is poor. Again, I never really was able to use Bolt browser on a regular bases because of numerous UI issues. Navigation is always very quirky notwithstanding the fact that the page view is closest to that of desktop and that it also complies with many web standards.

  4. Wow, this is really sad. The browser is really good, for months I had noticed that bolt browser version 2.52 had not been updated which is unusual. Now I know why. It will be missed. I really don’t mind paying for apps but we don’t use credit cards here. I am really sad. Who is next, Opera mini?

  5. too bad. But that’s life. If you can’t charge for your services or find a way to make money from advertisement, then the service wouldn’t be viable.

    I sometimes marvel at undivuals who complain about facebook while using its services for free! For God’s sake, facebook and other ‘freel’ social networks need to make money by advert or ‘privacy violations’.

    It’s sad, but bolt browser have not found a way to monetize their free services. So they had to bow out. There is nothing like free ‘services’. One must strike a balance or inevitably bow out!

  6. We have to move on but sincerely which other mobile browser offers near pc web rendering. Bolt will really be missed.

  7. I’ll be downloading and storing the installation files for future installs on my devices should incase they soon stop allowing downloads too

    Being server assisted, the browser itself does minimal work. The page crunching is done on their servers.That means the end of Bolt.

    Being so good at page rendering, mybee they could get a buyer (say UC Mobile.)

    I guess technical excellence does not necessarily translate to business success.

    After Uc Mobile and Opera Mini, Bolt was my next browser of choice.

    After Uc Mobile and Opera Mini, Bolt was my next browser of choice.

    This is really saddening.

  8. @EBk and co: I totally forgot about the service being server assisted. No eonder I couldn’t even download the files anymore no matter how hard I tried.

    I pray opera mini and uc mobile don’t go down that route cos it would suck big time 🙁

  9. I pray opera mini and uc mobile don’t go down that route’

    God forbid!

    My people say, ‘he who falls into a ditch serves as a lesson to the other co- travellers…

  10. The only thing I believe can make both Opera mini and UC Browser businesses wind up in like manner is a huge development and improvement in speed of wireless technology which also makes very affordable worldwide.

    The major attractions of this server-assisted mobile browser technology is the huge gain in speed of connection, serving as compatibility bridge between many mobile browsers and standard web technologies and huge savings on data tariff.

  11. Been a close follower of Bolt and this is painful. It was the closest competitor to Opera on the java platform. Well, best of luck to the developers. Lessons learnt, time to move on.

    By the way, I guess you mean free instead of freemium. Freemium = free + premium. And that is a model that works for many startups.

  12. So sad this is happening, I loved bolt for the way it renders desktop pages.
    has anyone tried QQbrowser for symbian ? Thats what i’m posting with right now.

  13. has anyone tried QQbrowser for symbian ? Thats what i’m posting with right now.

    Did once. Chinese like uc mobile. used it for just a day. Did not like it then.

    Maybe it has improved?

  14. I pray opera mini and uc mobile don’t go down that route cos it would suck big time

    Guys. As far as i know, opera can never close shop due to the fact that they have a business model that makes them receive revenue from operators and goggle. just goggle “how does opera make profit and see.” I don’t know about uc browser. Am gonna miss bolt. R.I.P

  15. Please which other browser offers near pc web rendering?

    try out digi@ web. currently available for S605th Edition and Maemo mobile. It is good at page rendition. Problem is data consumption level..

  16. My heart was not broken when my girl friend gone away.
    But this time I am crying.
    What an awesome browser like desktop.
    How to fill it.
    I must go for Android. There are several browser for Android.

  17. @Eye.Bee.Kay, thanks, but thats why Bolt was cool, data comsumption level was ok. is there something else…..

  18. I wonder what will happen if operamini is discontinued…..never knew bolt has so many fans like this

  19. Never really liked bolt because of the ugly GUI when compared to opera mini, it had a good download manager, wouldn’t miss it at all

  20. This is sad. The world economy turmoil is taking on small tech companies and as they go down, so does R&D and we the users are limited in our choices of premium apps. Charging a fee might probably have saved bolt. Its attractive for a good number of users. Desktop view and its ability to keep YouTube videos viewed under BB plans (so I learned from BB owners)

  21. I never liked bolt,so cumbersome to use RIP. YOMI pls check and review this mobile browser,i have been using for months now.since you use multiple devices. QQmini browser 2.2. it connects very fast where opera fails

  22. Bold was my main browser. I really liked it because of its desktop mode operation. Now i dnt know wt i’ll use cause i dnt like the other alts. Is there any other browsers simallar to bolt? Damm i m willing to shell out mony if bold cms back as a paid browser.

  23. UC Mobile, the alternative browser just got even better.

    You need to sign this…

    The unofficial English translated version now available for Symbian S60v5 & S60v3, Android and Java

    Get Here: ..

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