Bontel TV King: a feature phone with a Television and a big battery

Bontel mobile is probably not a brand that you are very familiar with, yet it is one that you will find on the streets in the hands of artisans and the like. Bontel TV King is one of their products, and a name that immediately paints a picture. I heard it and thought to myself that it must have TV functionality built in. And it does.

Bontel TV King is one of those low-cost phones that you can watch terrestrial TV on. The problem is, with a 2.8-inch display, your eyes are likely to be the worse for it. Perhaps the display was made that small for the purpose of keeping the cost down. For example, the Opsson TV 2 is anther TV phone, and it has the same display size. Can someone put a bigger display on these TV phones, please?

But it has other, redeeming, qualities. For one, there is a humongous 10,000 mAh battery and it can charge other phones. So, what we have here is a TV phone and power bank rolled into one. Do not expect to see fast battery charging here, because it doesn’t exist.

Bontel TV King

Beyond that, it has a tough, rubberised shell that the manufacturer says can make sure the phone survives harsh conditions in outdoor activities.

Bontel TV King Specs and Features

  • Display: 2.8-inch display,
  • Build/Material: Tough, rubberised shell.
  • Mobile Network: GSM only.
  • SIM: Dual SIM slot.
  • Camera: 0.8 MP rear camera.
  • Battery: 10,000mAh.
  • Miscellaneous: Television, FM Radio, LED Flashlight.

Bontel TV King: For Outdoor Enthusiasts And Adventurers

The usual suspects are here: LED flashlight, FM Radio, and network is limited to 2G. No; it doesn’t run Android OS or any fancy smartphone software. This is a basic feature phone. Even if you already own a smartphone, if you love hiking and the great outdoors, the Bontel TV King just might be what you need to keep connected on one of your adventures.

It is built like the Hulk, has a long-lasting battery, and will keep you up-to-date with news via television and FM Radio while you sit around a camp fire. For photography, the 0.8 megapixel camera snapper isn’t what you want to attempt to capture your most precious memories with. Keep your regular smartphone or digital camera for that.

Bontel TV King

I still wish the display was bigger. Watching TV on a larger screen is just a more pleasant experience, as in the case of the Bamboo D700.

How much does Bontel TV King cost? Officially, NGN9,500, but you can probably get it at a discounted price here and there. Lastly, I would have named this Bontel Outdoors King or Bontel Battery King. But Bontel TV King it is.

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