Advertisement Reading through the specifications of the TECNO Boom J7 some days ago, I was anything but impressed. At face value, it read like any other Android…

Boom J7 hands-on: The first of TECNO’s media-centric mobiles

TECNO Boom J7 front


Reading through the specifications of the TECNO Boom J7 some days ago, I was anything but impressed. At face value, it read like any other Android mobile in the market. However, when I saw one with my own eyes shortly after, I went from uninterested to excited in 3 seconds.

The Boom J7 has one of the finest designs of any budget smartphone on the market. With soft curves everywhere, including a curved back, and a beautiful display, I was immediately in love with the device. Overall, it reminds me of HTC’s lovely nice design lines. But the Boom J7 is not just about the look and feel.


Note the name “Boom”. It is deliberate. You see, the J7 is the first in line of TECNO’s new media-centric product line-up. Think music and video. It looks the part, and it acts it well too. I quickly took it for a spin.

Boom App / Music Ecosystem
Boom App is a new, custom-built music player from TECNO. It lets you play your own music stored locally on the device, but it also has an iTunes-like membership system that lets you search, find and play music online. It worked well during my short hands-on. I easily found tracks by Westlife online.



Superb Mono Loudspeaker
Finding music online would be a totally wasted exercise if the audio quality of the device were crap. However, the mono speaker on the rear of the J7 surprised us. It beat the Lumia 930 (which is really very good) in audio quality and narrowly missed standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the BlackBerry Passport’s stereo speakers. All four of us who ran the different comparisons were mind-blown.

Superb Audio Headset
The supplied audio headset are quite good too, delivering top notch audio quality – and we compared music playback using other available headsets.

On the software end, TECNO has refined things a bit more. It is Android 4.4.2, but with the graphical interface further customised to be more user friendly, most especially in the menus.

We have only played with the TECNO Boom J7 a bit, but we are coloured impressed. An HTC-like design, a new music ecosystem, and top quality audio reproduction suggests that the J7 will be superb value for money. But only our full review will conclude on that, so don’t go away.

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  1. hmmn.. jes dey look una.. but hope it helps tecno get back to winning ways.. but hardware over software I always say

  2. Mediatek has Lollipop SOC out for months already.

    Tecno is just a ridiculous OEM, its not like it will cost more to use those. rather they will go for last gen budget chips to release new devices 2 years after and wonder why the market is moving away from them.


  3. Deceit.I have said it before.Tecno may be the loser if afterall they refuse to change their ways.Sebi they are still enjoying patronages from unsuspecting buyers.

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