Boomerang lets you attend to annoying notifications later

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When you receive a lot of annoying notifications on your smartphone, it tends to get frustrating. However, some of these notifications are important. Therefore, you cannot afford to just ignore all of them because you cannot attend to them immediately. You just might not remember them when you are less busy. Boomerang is an app that will help you take care of that.

Boomerang Notifications allows you to dismiss these annoying notifications and see them later. When you receive a notification but cannot attend to it immediately, you can set up a reminder for it at your own convenience. This helps keep your notification tray free of unnecessary items. Also, you get to attend to your important notifications on your own schedule. 

Once you install the app, it gives you a tutorial on how to use it, along with its features. Then you need to grant the app access to handle your incoming notifications. You can choose which apps’ notifications you want Boomerang to handle.

Boomerang annoying notifications

Now when you swipe away your notifications, Boomerang offers to save them for later. That’s the only time the app gets triggered. You can save the notification you dismissed, and set a reminder for later. If you do nothing, the notification will disappear. When you have saved a notification to Boomerang, it will bring up the notification at the time you saved it to.

Boomerang was developed by a group of researchers from at Cardiff University. It is available for both Android and iOS users.

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