Bosch X-Spect tells you what you’re wearing, and what stained it

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Over the years, there have been several electronic devices that have helped make our daily lives so much easier. These include various home appliances. German tech juggernaut Bosch is one of the companies in the forefront of making such electrical appliances to help us live more comfortably. Now the company has announced a new device which is expected to do just that. The X-Spect is a portable device, which detects the composition of fabrics, scans stains and figures out the composition of the food based on the scan.

In terms of appearance, the X-Spect looks a lot like a normal TV remote. It also has a little screen and capacitive touch buttons, which you use to browse through the menus. It weighs just 200 grams, so you do not have to worry about excessive weight on the X-Spect. The device also connects to Wi-Fi-enabled, washing machines, in order to provide optimal cycle recommendations. For example, if your scan of a fabric identifies it as wool, the X-Spect prompts you to click OK, then it sends the information to your washer, which then offers suggestions as to what temperature and number of spins you need to wash your garment. X-Spect

The idea behind this is that the device is able to help you make your washing smarter. Thus, it helps you take better care of your clothes. With stains, the device analyses whatever it was that you have on your clothes, for example whether it is a piece of makeup or a crumb of food. This is just one of the proposed features of the X-Spect. Bosch says that in future the device will be able to scan food items. For example, you can be able to use it to determine if a fruit is ripe. Furthermore, Bosch plans to make the device open-source, thus enabling it to work with devices from other appliance makers as well as its devices. There’s no word yet on when the device will be released, but the company says it will be soon.


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  1. The rate at which we keep experiencing technological improvements, I’m afraid we’re going to see a very “lazy” generation in the years to come.

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