Well, folks, its here finally, it seems! The Android MarketPlace now accepts purchases from Nigeria. This bit of information came in from a Mobility Nigeria

[Breaking] Android MarketPlace now accepting purchases from Nigeria

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Well, folks, its here finally, it seems! The Android MarketPlace now accepts purchases from Nigeria. This bit of information came in from a Mobility Nigeria regular, karmawa (click to view his MN Social profile), who successfully made a purchase today.

Here’s the body of Karmawa’s mail to us:

Hi Guys,

Hope all is well with you, I was just browsing the android app store online and saw that all prices were there in naira as was mentioned before on Mobility Nigeria and decided to try and buy something, what do you know it works using a nigerian issued visa card I am presently downloading the app. Just thought this would be of interest.

Best Regards,


And here’s a screenshot of the receipt/confirmation from Google:
Android MarketPlace purchase

We ran our own little test and found that paid apps are indeed now available. We got as far as where we were notified that we need a Google Checkout account to complete the purchase. Since none of us here have a Google Checkout account, we could not proceed.

If you are an Android user and have a Google Checkout account, do give it a try and get back to us.

We have had the app stores of Nokia/Symbian, RIM/BlackBerry, and it seems now Android fully open to Nigeria. Let’s hope this is for good. The more, the merrier!


This development is for real. Google confirmed via a tweet that paid apps purchasing has been extended to 26 new African countries, including Nigeria. We can see Android fans throwing parties across the country! Whoop!


  1. Yeah, I read it this morning on twitter. Google added other african nations including Ghana, Senegal, Zambia etc.

    Kudos to Google!! They are a truly global company that recognizes that every nation, big or small, has a voice and wants to be heard. If the price of midrange android phones drops further, Nokia will have a real threat in Africa.

    Still waiting for my dream droid to be released, so I can buy great apps from developers like SPB.

  2. This is good news, i am saving up for a phone and will definately consider android before making any purchase. So what will it be the nokia n950 or moto droid 3

  3. is this tire or am I just dreaming? android apps open to us in Nigeria? thats end of discussion! I am sold totally. I was just talking about this happening b4 year end some days ago, didn’t know its gonna be sooner. I am rushing to give it a try right away. oooopppsss which one ie android checkout account?

  4. This is the best mobile Tech news I have heard this year.

    Finally we are there.

  5. Better late than never. The kudos still goes to Nokia for pioneering such moves RIM inclusive need I say more.

  6. This is sweet. Android have joined the family of Nigerian-Lovers. First was NOkia, then RIM.

    One thing I have to say though, they won’t be disappointed. Nigerians would give it their best!

  7. Well, what I want to know is what kind of cards are acceptable. If I use my normal UBA VISA ATM CARD (or First Bank Verve ATM Card) for example, will I make a purchase? Or do one need a specific kind of card? Pls, answer, anyone.

  8. Google did not only feed us with priceless info’s, food and drinks at G-Nigeria event, they also opened the android market to us. Now, developers in Nigeria can develop apps meant to be purchased only by Nigerians, offer them for sale and make good money.

  9. kudos to mobility Nigeria for keeping us informed of latest development in mobile world. i really appreciate Google for the job well done. My question is that, when is “Samsung 19100 galaxy S2” going to be available in Nigeria? It’s my dream Android phone.

  10. my younger brother works with samsung and they have not only been receiving trainings on the sgs2, gtab2 & all up coming devices for the past two days but also been using these devices themselves (hands-on). I learned they will be available within the next 3-4 weeks. i am very excited too as i await the sgs2. if truly made available, then we must all give it to samsung. that means we are getting it same time as every part of the world. i remember sgs only got here like 4-5months after uk launch.

  11. At the GNigeria conference last week, the Samsung reps informed me that the Galaxy S II will be available by June in Nigeria. The Galaxy tablet 10.1 will be available by July. There will also be a Galaxy Tab 8.9 too.

    I had a hands-on experience on both. But the 10.1 inches galaxy tab was the version that blew my world away!

  12. @bosun99uk

    The apps on my phone are only free apps. No paid apps show up on my Xperia X10. The situation is different in the android market on net/pc where free as well as paid apps are displayed.

  13. Deoladoctor, I’m not sure what is behind your experience on the X10. What version of Android is it running?

    The Galaxy Pro with me runs 2.2 and displays both free and paid apps in the Market.

  14. My brother just bought some apps and we bought them from the PC and it sent them straight to the phone automatically. Though we can see the paid apps on the phone too but we just decided to do the transaction on the PC.

    LG P500 with same Google account on PC and Phone and paid using Zenith Visa Card.

  15. My brother have just bought Doodle Jump and Death Worm from the Android Market.

    We first tried to pay using GTB naira Mastercard, the card was accepted but still it said the transaction could not go through, I have had a similar experience on Amazon too.

    We then tried the Zenith Visa card and viola, the transaction was completed.

    Android Paid App is all ours. Go download as much as you want.

  16. this is just a flimsy attempt by androids to catch up with nokia who has since established this sort of user friendliness with Africa and more importantly with Nigeria. Nigerians have been purchasing symbian applications on line with ease for years. Samsung and other Android phones rather than creating enabling conditions for effective online market place for the purchase of apps. Concentrate on applications that aren’t result oriented. So, we should jubilate & celeberate carefully.

  17. @Yomi and deoladoctor, my sgs also only shows free apps but when I logged on to android market on my laptop I could view the paid versions there. don’t know why its not showing on my phone. but my sys was able to sync with the android market in pc. so I don’t expect any problem while trying to buy from there.

  18. @bosun99uk

    Are you talking about Zenith Bank regular ATM VISA debit card issued with accounts or a Zenith Bank VISA Credit card (naira denominated or Dollar denominated?).

    Can you be more specific. Thanks

  19. @Afewgoodmen I have used my intercontinental bank visa card to purchase books on Amazon (if I’m not mistaken only books,CDs and DVDs allowed for delivery to Nigeria) hope this helps.

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