Could the bloodbath get any worse than this? Nigerian telecoms company, Airtel, have just let go of 30 per cent of her staff. Reports from New Telegraph…

Breaking: Airtel Nigeria lays off 30% staff in new restructuring

Could the bloodbath get any worse than this? Nigerian telecoms company, Airtel, have just let go of 30 per cent of her staff. Reports from New Telegraph claims that the sack happened last Friday, and the affected employees were ‘caught unawares’.


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On a good note, the sacked people were paid off 5 months in advance. In a private email, Mr. Emeka Oparah, Director, Corporate Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility at Airtel Nigeria confirmed the restructuring plans:


“Airtel Nigeria is embarking on a strategic restructuring that will reposition the business and reinforce its competitiveness in the market place,”

“the exercise, which is focused on aligning the company’s structure with its operating model, also entails a right-sizing that will impact a section of our current workforce.”

“One of the key objectives is to create a high performing organisation, which satisfies the needs of all of our stakeholders, especially our customers, as we step into the next growth phase of our operation,”

Another source claims that the action was necessitated on grounds of staff duplication. Hence the need for the downsizing.

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  1. The economy is bleeding. My company is laying off everyone by January and closing shop 2 months after. I bet we just have to brace for these kind of news in the coming months.

  2. The layoffs are not only happening in Nigeria. I think it is just biting harder here. Lots of people are joining the over-populated unemployment market.

    What is the hope of those graduating now? I know 2 graduates that were coming to my cafe when I just opened more than four years ago. They are now “hard core” Okada riders. Brilliant guys

    If you see them now, physically you won’t know that they ever attended any school.

    It was when I googled I realized how bad the sack situation has become in recent times . Just Google Nigeria, layoffs

    Lord have mercy !

    All these private sector sacks we are shouting about do not even include the numerous ones in government… affecting dependants.

  3. Hopefully next year budgets will have more capital project and create some job.

    The other is the lack of a ‘job creation master plan’ by the federal govt.

    The country is more of on ‘antopilot’.

  4. SMH for this nation,thousands of graduates pouring into the labor market yet companies are busy retrenching workers,which way Naija..

  5. Has there ever been a “job creation master plan” for employment by any Fedderal government in Nigeria, apart from the rent-a-crowds? How conducive is the environment in Nigeria that it would allow for such? What exactly are states doing to generate income apart from looking for FG handouts?

    It isn’t that simple. Things need to be built from the ground up and after 50 plus years of Independence, we have little functioning infrastructure that enables employers. So when you see the likes of Airtel etc laying off employees, it’s far more complex than just FG (whoever the government is of the day), capital projects and a job creation master plan.

  6. Sure, you’re right.

    This govt promised to do it right.

    We can start from a job master plan and more capital project with emphasis on infrastructures

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