Breaking News: Ericsson wants out of Sony Ericsson?

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Quote from InformationWeek:

According to a German technology magazine, Ericsson is seeking ways to end its part in the Sony (NYSE: SNE) Ericsson joint venture. Ericsson and Sony are in talks to work out a plan, but apparently financing the deal is a big problem.

German publication is reporting that Ericsson recently approached Sony to talk about the two companies’ mobile phone joint venture Sony Ericsson.

Ericsson wants out.

Read full news item: Ericsson Wants Out Of Sony Ericsson Joint Venture

SE minus EEricsson phones used to be a favourite of mine, for the simple reason that they offered more features and functionality than phones from other manufaturers in the same price bracket. Translated, that means Ericsson phones offered more value for money. We are talking about devices like the R320s and R380s. Then Ericsson went into the joint venture with Sony, and things sort of changed.

Meanwhile, Sony phones (back then) stood in a class of their own too. Sony is to be credited with the innovative jog dial seen on the earlier Sony Ericsson phones. I remember owning a Sony J5, and it was a fine device in its day.

Why does Ericsson want out? Will this divorce actually happen? Can Sony hold the fort in the absence of Ericsson?

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