Bring Back Etisalat! 9mobile Subscribers Cry Out

It started as isolated murmurs, but quickly developed into an uproar. Over the last few weeks, subscribers of former Etisalat Nigeria, now called 9mobile, have raised their voices in complaint about quality of service on the network. The complaints of 9mobile subscribers range from poor internet connections to outright network outages in various locations.

9mobile subscribers protest

Sampling Of Complaints By 9mobile Subscribers

We have curated a few tweets that capture the situation:

The question is, What is happening at 9mobile? Is this a random incident or is there something deeper that should be a cause for concern for 9mobile subscribers and other stakeholders?

The network recently rebranded after Etisalat UAE pulled out of the partnership after talks over a $1.2 billion loan fell through. 9mobile has a heavy debt load that is an obstacle to the inflow of fresh funds that the network operator needs for expansion.

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