Broken smartphones can still be used. Here’s how it works

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We all know how that bad feeling when our smartphone screens break. Depending on how bad the screen gets when it breaks, you might not be able to use the device again. That is, apart from the following methods. Here are some ways to use broken smartphones:

broken smartphones

If your screen is broken but you can see the display:

  1. If the screen is broken but you can still see the display, you can use a mouse on your smartphone. All you need to do is connect a mouse to your device using a USB OTG. After this, it is important that you copy your files to a PC, so you can repair your screen.
  2. One way to unlock your screen when it is broken is to use the Android Device Manager. You need to have enabled this feature on our smartphone, otherwise it will not work. Also, you must have enabled GPS on your device. Just search for your phone on the web version of the Android Device Manager. There you can unlock the device and transfer your files to the PC.

If your screen is broken and you cannot see the display:

If your screen is broken and your display goes blank, you might need to get a VNC program. This is a desktop that you can use to connect with, and control, another computer with you own. In this case, you can use your smartphone through your computer.

Here are two such tools that help you to use broken smartphones through your computer:

  1. AirDroid: this is a simple program that connects your smartphone to your computer. You must have installed the application on both devices for it to work. You need to create an account to connect both devices. Click on the name of your device on the computer, then click the Backup menu on the three tabs at the top of the screen. Your data will be saved on your computer.
  2. Vysor: This is another tool that allows you connect your smartphone to a computer. This tool works through a Google Chrome extension, and you can use it on Windows, Mac and Linux OS. Al you need to connect to your smartphone is a USB cable. Vysor’s free version allows you to perform basic smartphone functions. The paid version has better screen quality, full screen display, and the ability to transfer files wirelessly.

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