Broken Windows: The collapse of Windows Phone is complete

Gartner’s latest statistics release has no good news for Windows Phone and its fans. Its Worldwide Smartphone Sales to End Users by Operating System in 1st quarter 2016 indicates that Windows Phone’s share of the global smartphone market has dropped to 0.7%. That is a 72% drop from last year. A case of broken windows, it is.

  • BlackBerry OS is even further down in the trench at 0.2%. With BlackBerry no longer making new BB OS devices, that share will plunge even further.
  • iOS’ share dropped too from about 17% last year to 14.8%
  • Android OS – the only platform that is growing right now – is at an all-time high of 84.1%
  • All the other platforms put together – Tizen, Sailfish, Firefox, Ubuntu, etc – all total another 0.2%. Apparently, Smartphones running Tizen OS aren’t selling as much as some people would like us to believe.

Broken Windows

How badly are the Windows broken? Not only has Windows Phone’s marketshare dropped to 0.7%, but a Mobility Arena poll indicates that 73% of users use them as backup devices, not as their primary smartphone. In other words, approximately only 0.5% of global smartphone users actually use a Windows Phone as their daily smartphone.

broken windows

I am a Windows Phone lover myself, but my Lumia 950 serves only as my office PC (via Continuum). I carry an Android smartphone as my daily driver now. Someone said to me yesterday, “Please ask the guys at windows phone to do something about data consumption. I’m on my 2nd windows phone and it’s been a nice experience. But I won’t be getting another one at this rate.”

My reply? “The guys at Windows Phone do not seem to listen to users. Everything we have asked for over the years have been ignored. I am done with them.” There are a hundred and one things that users have asked of Microsoft over the years. Microsoft has been hard of hearing.

Now with a global market share below 1%, I can say to myself that Windows on mobile is broken, shattered even. And that is such a shame.

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