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Heads up, guys – the new internet rates from MTN that you’ve been waiting for are here.

  • Text “104” to 131 for 10MB @ N100/day
  • Text “105” to 131 for 25MB @ N400/week
  • Text “106” to 131 for 100MB @ N1000/month

Out of bundle rate is now 5 kobo per KB.


  1. Me? Rates? Waiting for? I’ve never trusted MTN to ever wise up! Just imagine the rubbish packages they are offering! Instead of them to take a cue from glo (made in Naija) they won’t. I trust that the whole data landscape would soon tilt substantially in favour of glo that needs to pay me now for the ‘souls’ I have lead to their network in my area since I discovered their efficiency.

  2. What we’ve been waiting for indeed.
    With the post above. Yomi should agree that glo won (not mtn) the guessing game on the topic ”Lower Mobile Internet Tariffs
    Around the Corner”

  3. I think this is huge for those who’ll like to use it on their mobile device. You
    don’t have to do N2,500 or N10,000 per month. What kind of strategy is this though,
    they had to wait till this moment?

    Now, am waiting for the number portability thing to
    come through, when it does, I will just take my MTN number
    to GLO, same number different network. I don’t like changing numbers.
    In the future people will be identified by their mobile numbers,
    no longer by house address, that is the picture of the future.

  4. Kay123,

    That’s mere sentiments from you. The scoop I had was MTN. It wasn’t a competition between the networks. It was a competition about who guessed right the scoop that I had. And just for the sake of entertaining your sentiments, Glo has not announced any internet tariff reductions but you would proclaim them winners right now. Odd.

    Anyway, sentiments aside, the first registered person who chose MTN is the winner and gets the free airtime.

  5. I think the 400N for 25mb doesnt make sense..It should be like 60mb..And the 1000N should be 150mb..At least they knew glo had 1k for 150mb before they announced their new plans..

  6. MTN!!!!!!!!! This wasn’t worth the wait jor. Was thinking there would be a slash in the larger bundle rates. Afterall glo always micro is still cheaper & faster at 1000 for 150mb so they should have been competitive on larger value..

  7. @Shayman, Peter and others who are disappointed:

    I think that you guys have unrealistic expectations of MTN. I say this because each business organisation runs by certain policies – whether written or unwritten. In having expectations of businesses, those expectations must fit within the business’ policy or policies, or else such expectations are unrealistic.

    For example, Apple has a lock-down policy: they control everything from software to hardware to connectivity. It is no use generating expectations outside of what we know to be Apple’s policy.

    Precedents with MTN shows that they have a policy never to offer the lowest prices or tariffs on any product or service. These tariffs as announced by MTN fit smack into that policy. Don’t expect MTN to offer tariffs as low as what Glo or any others offer. They won’t. Simple.

    And that is where choices come in. Apple’s followers don’t give a hoot how locked down their products are; they’ll buy Apple any day. Same way MTN’s fans don’t care about 150MB for N1,000 on Glo; they’ll happily take the 100MB that MTN offers.

    And any MTN subscriber who is unhappy with what is being offered has the choice of migrating to Glo or any other network that meets their needs.

    Has MTN lowered their internet tariffs? Yes. And as a consequence of this, others are likely to make one or two moves too. They have done well.

  8. 10MB @ 100per day boils down to the same nightmare 50MB @ 500 per day package… Anxiously waiting for glo to announce theirs..

  9. Damn MTN!!!

    I’ll just have to go back to them. Although I’ve been enjoying Glo’s Always Micro, i’ve only used about 38 out of 150MB in 20 days despite using my phone to browse almost every other hour. And I’ve had trouble downloading music files with Glo. MTN’s 100MB is enough for me, and I trust their downloads will be better from my experience during the “free-browsing craze”.

    You’ve got to give it to MTN. They’ve got very sharp business folks there.

    BTW Yomi, you’re still awake at 1am to reply to posts??? Wow!!! I admire your dedication to this site. Keep it up.

  10. Yes, Yomi, you are right, MTN has its set policies, and it is a “take it or leave it” affair. So guys, why not just leave it?! But i feel your comparism of MTN to Apple is a bit extreme, kind of insulting to Apple too. They definitely dont belong to the same class. MTN has a policy not to offer lowest tariffs, MTN has a policy not to migrate from Post paid to pre paid…What other arrogant policies do they have?!

    Personally i find the so called tariff reduction ridiculous. Way back i used to subscribe for, was it, 2GB for N10k per month. From simple maths, the tariff is even more expensive now than ever before, all they have done is to reduce the entry amount.

    I feel so sad that we are being abused this much and we still dont know it.It’s very sad.

    If you guys have the time, please check out my post on MTN here

    I apologise Yomi for my ravings, but i just feel this guys should develop a more customer friendly approach to their business.

  11. artwales,

    Feel free to vent. No offence.

    But saying that comparing MTN to Apple is a bit extreme? Really?

    Apple is as arrogant as arrogance can be. They run a “take-it-or-leave-it” policy too. They produce a smartphone that is much more limited than most others, then slap the highest retail price on it, restrict its sales to certain networks, provide support in limited countries – and tell everyone who doesn’t like it to go to hell.

    In my opinion, MTN must have an Apple manual they consult in making business decisions. Apple is king of “Arrogance Hill”. But I’m not offended at them. I simply look elsewhere to meet my needs and to spend my money. That’s the benefit of competition.

    No; MTN and Apple don’t belong in the same class. Apple is a step ahead all the way.

    Having said that, this does not mean that I am happy with MTN’s policies. I am not. That’s why I spend my money elsewhere. My dad has the patience and meekness of a saint, yet he finally dumped MTN over one of their obnoxious policies and is determined not to pick up an MTN SIM again.

    The beauty of competition is that you can always get your needs met elsewhere. Subscribers must learn to choose not to be miserable. Go where you can be happy while spending your money.

    If I don’t like a phone or manufacturer, I get rid of it and buy one that I like. If I don’t like a network, I jump ship.


  12. Yomi, I’ll guess you’ll have to update your free, downlaodable ebook on the Nigerian Mobile Industry. How soon will it be available?

  13. spacyzuma, I’ll have to wait for Glo’s announcement at least and probably give a full month after that just to see if others have anything for us too before publishing the update.

  14. All those loving MTN should remember that operamini servers are still blocked including bolt. And if you think you can use opera mobile or your default browser, they are data hungry.

  15. All those loving MTN should remember that operamini servers are still blocked including bolt. And if you think you can use opera mobile or your default browser, they are data hungry.

    As always, it depends on the individual’s needs. For example, most of what I do online are mission-critical tasks that require authentication. As such, a proxy-based browser is out of the question for me. A browser that also strips the web page of some of its rich contents is also a no-no. Except for review/test purposes, I haven’t used Opera Mini in years.

    There are many individuals who have this same set of requirements and who won’t be needing Opera Mini. Still, it is a good warning that you have sounded for the benefit of those who are hoping to use Opera Mini on MTN.

    Opera Mini and MTN don’t mix well.

  16. This is a welcome development for people like me whose phone go on line for one update or the other without me knowing it & mtn been the dominant & available network at work in very remote locations.All I need to do is subscribe for the 100MB data plan.Glo should come up with something better than this as well as Etisalat.As for zain am waiting for their obituary since they refuse to live up to expectation.At work they exist along with mtn but just subscribe for a data bundle today zap gprs signal disappears for the next three weeks making rubbish of having value for your money.Pls Glo & Etisalat come to my work location: Okpai/Aboh axis in Ndokwa East local Govt Area in Delta State.

  17. @yomi, Just because you’re not interested in using operamini doesnt mean majority are not interested..Am sure 95% of Nigerians would love to use it on their mobiles! Why on earth will they ve to block their servers? So we can exhaust data bundles faster? Still dont understand..

  18. Hmm.. Well since MTN and opera mini don’t mix then, I’m sticking with my etisalat easy net.

    @ Yomi: when you said proxy based browsers are not for you, can you throw more light on this?

    And which mobile brower do you use? To the best of my knowledge the default browser of most devices are data hungry.
    Funny enough, I have being studying about price wars and MTN comes up with this. It will make an interesting case study.

  19. @yomi, Just because you’re not interested in using operamini doesnt mean majority are not interested

    I am sure that my comment addressed that.

  20. and please when will this number portability scheme kickoff? Trust me MTN will be the worst hit. There are millions of people who just hang onto MTN because of the dreaded number change especially for business people. Any way it’s just a matter of time.

  21. Keweno,

    Here’s something from opera Mini Help page:

    Is there any end-to-end security between my handset and — for example — or my bank?

    No. If you need full end-to-end encryption, you should use a full Web browser such as Opera Mobile.

    Opera Mini uses a transcoder server to translate HTML/CSS/JavaScript into a more compact format. It will also shrink any images to fit the screen of your handset. This translation step makes Opera Mini fast, small, and also very cheap to use. To be able to do this translation, the Opera Mini server needs to have access to the unencrypted version of the Web page. Therefore no end-to-end encryption between the client and the remote Web server is possible.

    Hope that helps.

  22. @ Yomi, thanks. So that means most of the stuff you do online requires a secure end to end encryption and opera mini does not fit the bill.

  23. way to go mtn!but it could better.These plans are strictly for light browsing.I can make updates on my existing apps and download new ones with sizes btw 300kb to 1mb.Also have the push functionality of my emoze email/facebook mail app enabled:each mail is only about 5kb to 15kb(with the 106 service).Though the 105 service is a no no for me! Oh,this comment was posted via operamini on glo;UCWEB on my other phone with my mtn line loads your website at a hefty 50kb per page!This is very high by’ proxy based browser’ standards.Cant stick to glo right ‘cos ive been trying to get my line provisioned for 3G for like a week now even after sending a text to the short code and calling customercare.I decided not to stress myself for these basic things.Well what more can i say?MTN werks for me-though without the opera/bolt letdown.

  24. they ve brought nothing spectacular to the table. Even if MTN has a policy of not offering the lowest tarrif in the industry, they could have at least offer subscribers something that is very close to their competitors…… sticking with glo no matter what……

  25. I believe MTN has bribed NCC so as not to launch number portability. A friend of mine that used to work at MTN said MTN would go bankrupt if number portability was introduced. How right he was.

  26. @Yomi
    ” I say this because each business organisation runs by certain policies – whether written or unwritten. In having expectations of businesses, those expectations must fit within the business’ policy or policies, or else such expectations are unrealistic. ”

    Any policy thats not costomer friendly is not acceptable. I think we have been taken for fools for far too long.

    ” MTN is not forcing anyone to subscribe to their network. It’s your money anyway and you should be careful enough to weigh your options and choose which of the existing bundle offers best suits your pocket. ”

    Thats not the point. We have a regulatory body in nigeria that should protect us from exploitations.

  27. Yomi:pls permit me to say this,

    David E:Load your line with the amount you want to use in subscribing,then send the code to the required number. Your 3G will be activated.

  28. So what’s all the hype about main one and glo one if the aim is not to deliver cheaper and faster internet access? I understand MTN is on main one so why are consumers not experiencing the joys of main one?

    This calls into the question the integrity of NCC. It’s seems that MTN’s regulatory agency is glo because they seem to be the only one who forces MTN to effect changes, read per second billing?

  29. OMG I read all the 31 comments.

    First MTN has reduced the default rate from 15KB to 5KB. This is old price divided by 3, and in normal situation we would all have being praising them.

    But it is so unfortunate that it does not meet people’s expectation but we still have to acknowledge that there has been a reduction.

    And lets give them some praise for being the first to introduce 10MB @ N100/day and 25MB @ N400/week (are u laughing now). It could come in handy one day.

    MTN remains my main line but for Data, My search is not Over.

  30. @Yomi – Pls how do we go about using opera Mini with mtn? I’d really like to know.

    Also, I just took delivery of my Samsung S8500 Bada phone!!! All hail!!!!! I spent 10 mins looking at it, and it felt like I was giving a medical to an alien woman. After 5 years of using only Symbian, I was confused at the phone, to say the least. LOL. I shut it off and put it on charge. I’ll review it properly after work tonight. Thanks again.

    Hope you dont mind, but I didnt know where else to post this.

  31. @Yomi – Pls how do we go about using opera Mini with mtn? I’d really like to know.

    What you are asking for is something that I told myself years ago that I wouldn’t do after the initial discovery period and the excitement that followed – free browsing hacks. The only way that I know to bypass the MTN-OperaMini logjam is via proxies the way free browsing hacks do. While I have the technical know-how to do it, I don’t.

    I’m sorry, but I am not putting those skills to use for myself and I cannot do so for others either. Rather than do it, I chose to walk away from MTN. I hope that you understand and respect my convictions on the subject.

    Also, I just took delivery of my Samsung S8500 Bada phone!!! All hail!!!!!

    Oh, that was you! I’m glad that you are happy with our phone delivery service. Enjoy the Samsung Wave, and we’d love to publish your review when its ready.


  32. @bosun99uk

    “…First MTN has reduced the default rate from 15KB to 5KB. This is old price divided by 3, and in normal situation we would all have being praising them… ”

    Where’s the share of the cake for those of us on bundles like funlink or Prolink. We have been on these plans before the announcement. No cuts for us?

  33. Where’s the share of the cake for those of us on bundles like funlink or Prolink. We have been on these plans before the announcement. No cuts for us?

    What makes you think that those bundles were not part of the goodies that these new packages represent? Guys, take a chill pill. You are being unnecesarilly bitter.

    As for the comments on the regulatory agency, regulation is not the same as coercion. In free markets, regulatory agencies do not by default impose tariff reductions. They encourage reductions through incentives and favourable policies. It is only in very extreme cases that a regulatory agency would impose tariffs on a service provider.

    This is a free market. In a free market, one sure way to get a service provider to sit up is to boycott their services. Unfortunately, most people prefer to complain rather than take responsibility and do what is necesarry. We want to lay the blame on someone else, when in reality we are being irresponsible about the situation.

    Why is it that every Segun, Zainab and Ogbonna coimplain about MTN yet that network has the largest subscriber base in the country? Those complaining won’t use the real power that they have. They prefer to mumble and murmur and rant. It is sad. If you want to force MTN to their knees, quit whining about them and quit using their services!

  34. Hmmm! This MTN stuff seems to have really sparked off a lot of emotions in here. Since I started actively monitoring activities on this my beloved site, I’ve never seen my administrator (Yomi) get so ‘angry’. Perhaps, I started this at first. I just want to say that what is happening here at the moment seems to be a carryover of ‘beef’ against the MTN network. From their high call rates compared to other networks to their ‘strong heart’ in resolving not to be competitive in data tariffs (atleast going by the complaints) to other sad experiences including telling us almost convincingly that per second billing was not possible; it has become difficult to understand their situation. I once heard of a Tiv proverb to the effect that if a man is hated, even when he is walking on water, it would be said that he is raising dust. We really do have a choice but all our agitations, in the least, show that we love MTN and that we want them to make us proud that they have everything without having to compare them to other networks.

  35. I guess this is targeted at the majority, people without computer but with phone that can browse and cant afford 1k at a go mtn should be commended for this, I still dont know why people still dont want to say the truth about glo, if you use glo on your blackberry they charge you for downloading on your account, then why must you have balance on your account before using the packages although the package is good but is not as fast as mtn, any little thing they swept your account you have to load again to use the package. kudos to mtn that give this without conditions.

  36. MSCHEWWW! These guys are seriously kidding. Gaskiya I can’t wait for GLO and ETISALAT to run them out of Naija for good. With the amount of money that they’ve made ripping Nigerians off, you’d expect better services.

  37. As far As I am concerned I want to believe that by the time we ALL abandon MTN and move on then they will sit up. I’ve stopped recharging my MTN LINE FOR good because they have nothing to offer me.

  38. why cant they do it unlimited browsingg,does it mean dat i cant download large files and is that 10mb just for dat day or if it remains can it be used for another day?.

  39. Seriously, MTN has not offered any price reduction per se. What they have done is make the plan a lot more flexible. If i need to download an attachment of, say, 5MB I need not get N1000/100MB plan but the N100/10 MB will do just fine.

    It would appear that MTN finds it so hard to shed that reputation of being always reluctant to be at the forefront of ‘customercentric’ strategies. With connection to relatively cheaper Main One and SAT 3 as well as extensive fiber connections throughout the country, I thought this was an opportunity to seize the initiative, and take the lead from Glo. Before Glo finally launch their never-ending Glo 1, MTN would have grabbed a huge chunk of the data market and possibility earned positive consumer sentiments. A cursory look at the posts above should tell anyone that many Nigerian are not particularly pleased with, or identify positively with MTN. Thats not good for business, especially when competitors are building capacities to challenge MTN’s dominance.

    In my opinion, MTN has not offered much. Despite the flexibility of this offer, I am hardly leaping for joy. MTN wants to keep the high tariff for as long as possible garnering as much revenue before a forward thinking telco launch something revolutionary (remember per second billing) and forces down prices. The astonishing fall in E1 cost from Main one should have motivated, at least, some increases in data allowances from MTN. The only positive thing is that MTN data service has climbed down from Mount Kilimanjaro to the meet the needs of the lowest strata of the market but with such meager data allowance, its hardly something to cheer about.

  40. Archie,

    I agree with your analysis of MTN’s position. This announcement is typical MTN. You know, ‘Take it or leave it’.

    But it isn’t true that they haven’t offered any reduction. A slash of out of bundle from 15k to 5k per KB is a reduction.

    Besides that, nothing so great. What I don’t get is why people are so offended. This is typical MTN. Why should anyone be offended when a cock crows or a dog barks?

    Like I’ve also said, those who want MTN to change are exactly those who won’t do what it takes to make it happen.


  41. Chukwudi,

    No; I was refering to the fact that the majority of those complaining about MTN still have active MTN SIMs. The way to compel a service provider to become more customer-friendly is for the subscribers to stop giving them money.

    Is it not odd that inspite of the MTN-bashing, the Y’hello network still has by far the largest subscriber base in the country? Its either Nigerians are really fools or there is some real value being derived from owning an MTN line.

    If the latter is true, whinners need to cool off and enjoy those special benefits.

    If the former is true, dear Lord….

  42. “Is it not odd that inspite of the MTN-bashing, the Y’hello network still has by far the largest subscriber base in the country? Its either Nigerians are really fools or there is some real value being derived from owning an MTN line.”

    The legend Fela once sang “My people…suffering and smiling”.

    He may have sang of buses, religious exploitation, and military regimes, he may also have envisaged companies like MTN while composing that song. Why? Credible alternatives are yet to present themselves so we all have no options. Glo has been able to give MTN a run for their money only a few times, and those times we acknowledged them . I think MTN are good at their game. They have the experience, can read the market and have deep pockets. Glo is just struggling by, probably not as efficiently run as MTN (one man company). And since they (Glo) remain the main competition, MTN knows they have no competition. So, the “Take it or leave it” attitude will still remain and the subscribers can only hang on.

    Once Glo and co are able to get their acts together, subscribers will strike back. I am aware a lot of people keep MTN as spare lines due to their extensive coverage. I envisage that the ARPU for MTN will continue to drop as competitors provide cheaper alternatives, and keep getting better in the process.

    For now all subscribers can do is to whine, listen to others whine, and whine some more themselves. After all the whining, we all are still “suffering and smiling”.

  43. This post is awesome and the comments are too hilarious, but guys do not attempt to use any of this package with your computer, or else google search result with videos might just finish your data bundle.
    But for reach-ability, MTN is the best but their business policies are customer friendly!

  44. mtn has always been a cheat on d masses n they know they make in a nigeria on monthly bases what they make in SA n 7 months. But d irony is that when u give customers some incentives like “earn 10mb for every N100 spent on calls,” no one lld complain. They ve made enof, n i ve vowed not to reload my mnt thanx to etisalat N15 per min to any network which my mtn 2500 per month booster never gave me this is what i call choices.

  45. Please what are current glo internet packages available? Is there’s better than MTN packages?


    This is what MTN includes in its Funlink Bundle Plan:

    MTN FunLink Bundle
    Cost: NGN1,500.00
    Bundle content: 50 MTN-to-MTN minutes
    200 MTN-to-MTN SMS
    60Megabytes of Data for FREE browsing

    That is exactly what i got a month ago when i went for the bundle plan which expired yesterday. This morning i sent Fun to 131 hoping to get same package but when i got confirmatory text and i checked my balance, this is what i got:

    50 MTN-to-MTN minutes
    200 MTN-to-MTN SMS

    CAN ANYONE HELP TELL ME HOW I CAN LAY MY COMPLAINTS? Calling 181 is a waste of time as we all know.

  47. Looks Like i once saw a notice on their website that they can make changes to the plans anytime, but you can still visit the service centre to clarify.

  48. Unfortunately for me, we have no MTN Centre in Sapele and the next available centre is about 33km away in warri. This is going to be my last deal with MTN. I hate it when people are not honest in dealing with others. Even if the details of the plan has to change, they owe it as a duty to inform us so that we can make informed choice.

  49. I learnt the hard way: anytime a new bundle comes, resist temptation and wait for reviews. I did that for MTN bundles and i was not dissapointed. Mtn is so predictable.

  50. MTN should have been a little bit fair with Nigerians now in respect of these new bundles.My issue is not the price of the bundles.My qualm is that they should have allowed Nigerians to have control on how long they want to use it.They should have made it just like airtimes – ‘browse when u want to’. Not giving shold be something like 100MB – #1000 and not 100MB for 1 month.

  51. Funny thing.
    Just subscribed for MTN BIS yesterday night and just when I least expect it, my funlink bundle data plan was corrected, now I have 57mb as opposed to 17mb I saw yesterday. What do I do with it now that I have BIS on same sim card?

  52. Deoladoctor,

    Try using your BB as a modem with PC. It should use your FunLink data subscription.

  53. @Yomi

    Thanks for that advice. But I have my motoQ just for that purpose with 2gb N4,500 plan.

    Duplicates and waste of money occassioned by mtn flop. 🙁

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