Here is useful information on how to browse with airtime at the rate of N1 per mb on the Glo network.

How to browse with airtime on Glo

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Here is useful information on how to browse with airtime on Glo, without subscribing to a data plan. While subscribing to a data plan is cheaper in the big picture, there may be times that this information will be useful in getting you out of a tight spot.

Glo gives the customer the flexibility to choose to browse with airtime or use a data plan. If you want to browse with airtime on Glo, you really do not have to do anything. Have you ever recieved the following message about your data plan about to expire before?

Glo 4G LTE launch

Dear Customer, Your data plan will soon expire after which your data usage will be at FLEXI rate of just N1/MB. Use it the way you like. To buy another data plan visit or dial *777#

That message provides insight into what happens when you do not have an active data plan and need to use Internet on the Glo network: your Internet usage is billed from your airtime at the rate of N1 per MB.

How to browse with airtime on Glo

Globacom offers several mobile data plans that offer great value for money. But if for any reason you do not want to subscribe to one of those and prefer to be billed from your airtime, here is how to go about it.

How to browse with airtime on Glo

To browse with airtime on Glo, make sure that you do not have an active data plan, and your line will browse from your airtime. This is enabled by default on all Glo lines. Just buy airtime as usual and browse away. I this case, your line will browse at the rate of N1 per MB.

Remember that if you have an active data subscription, that is what your browsing and other Internet usage will be deducted from, so you need to exhaust your bundle first. Once your data plan is expired or used up though, Glo Flexi kicks in and deducts your Internet charges from your airtime.

This works whether you are on a GPRS, EDGE, 3G, or 4G connection and works on all Glo SIM cards.

At the end of each Internet session, Glo will send you an SMS detailing the credit deductions for what you used. Just remember that browsing this way costs N1 per MB.

Glo 4G data plan

That is it: it really is simple. Happy browsing! Should you want a more cost effective Internet usage, dial *777# or browse to to buy a data plan.

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  1. ₦1 per MB. Hmm… One should not attempt this while browsing Apps like Instagram and Twitter.

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