The Business Coach is the easy way to get your idea off to a good start

Hello! My name is Yomi Adegboye, also known as Mister Mobility in tech circles, and Business Coach among a growing circle of young entrepreneurs. I have over 15 years of experience in tech, business, and training circles. I also sit on a couple of boards where my insights are valued.

I created The Business Coach (TBC) out of a demand by people who want to start out in business or explore a new area of business asking me for advice and insights.

The Business Coach

Some want me to have a look at their business plans and offer pointers. Others want someone who can walk them through the first steps – what to register, staffing needs, how best to keep operational expenses low, etc. Some just want to be able to bounce their ideas or a new thought off me. Because, honest metrics are essential to business success, others need someone to help them look at things with a critical eye.

Whatever your specific needs are, even if it is finding your happy place as an entrepreneur, the Business Coach is here to offer you advice, insights and useful information to help you get off to a good start or to take your existing small business to new levels.

How The Business Coach Works

There is a limit to how much I can be physically available for one-on-one consulting/mentoring sessions, so I came up with a solution that makes it easy to meet the demand.

The Business Coach is a subscription service that gives you one-one-one coaching access from me via WhatsApp, as well as access to TBC WhatsApp groups where you can join me and other entrepreneurs in discussing business issues and getting help.

Also, subscribing to this service gives you access to the Business Coach support groups held each month. We get to sit and talk one-on-one in a relaxed environment. These support groups hold only in Lagos only for now, but we are open to starting off in other cities. We just need 5 people per location.

What You Get

This is not a motivational service. You get hands-on guidance and counselling. You get useful information and data that you can build a business with. I help you identify what to invest your life and time in and how to navigate the tough parts.

When do you start hiring? Do you need to raise funds? If so, from where and how do you go about it? Building processes and structures for your business. How to apply digital technology for more effective marketing and customer service.

Who do you talk to when everything goes wrong and you are on the brink of giving up? How do you strike a healthy balance between the demands of business and other life issues?

A lot of small business owners struggle with these issues because they have no-one to guide them and show them the ropes. These hands-on issues are what The Business Coach service offers.

Think of it like going on a road trip to a place you have never been before and having a guide to show you the way. The trip is not without issues but it is much easier!

WhatsApp is our channel for everyday interaction, plus a support group meeting once a month.

There are currently two coaching packages available, as follows:

1. Basic Coaching Plan

The BCP is for the individual who is starting from scratch and trying to find their direction in business. You may have or have not registered a business name, have little income from the business, and you are not sure what to do or how to go about it. Or you may even be employed right now and struggling with whether to start a business or not.

I have a track record of seeing and nurturing a person’s potentials long before they become obvious to anyone else. This package is designed to help anyone get started and get on their feet.

Cost: N5,000 monthly.

***You can be on this package for no more than 2 years (24 months), a fair period for your business to have taken off and developed enough, and at which point you are required to migrate to the Intermediate Coaching Plan below.

2. Intermediate Coaching Plan

The ICP is for the person who already has an ongoing small business that is already generating some income. But they want to take the business to another level.

The fee is N10,000 monthly.

To get started with The Business Coach, pay your first month’s access to Access Bank 0016434725 and then email your payment details and WhatsApp number to: Your subject line should read “The Business Coach Subscription”.

If you have questions about this service, feel free to also email me with them.