The Business Coach is the easy way to get your idea off to a good start

Hello! My name is Yomi Adegboye, also known as Mister Mobility in tech circles, and Business Coach among a growing circle of young entrepreneurs. I have over 15 years of experience in tech, business, and training circles. I also sit on a couple of boards where my insights are valued.


The Business Coach

I created The Business Coach (TBC) out of a demand by people who want to start out in business or explore a new area of business asking me for advice and insights. Some want me to have a look at their business plans and offer pointers. Others want someone who can walk them through the first steps – what to register, staffing needs, how best to keep operational expenses low, etc. Some just want to be able to bounce their ideas or a new thought off me. Because, honest metrics are essential to business success, others need someone to help them look at things with a critical eye.

Whatever your specific needs are, even if it is finding your happy place as an entrepreneur, the Business Coach is here to offer you advice, insights and useful information to help you get off to a good start or to take your existing small business to new levels.

How The Business Coach Works

There is a limit to how much I can be physically available for one-on-one consulting/mentoring sessions, so I came up with a solution that makes it easy to meet the demand.

The Business Coach is a subscription service that gives you one-one-one coaching access from me via WhatsApp, as well as access to TBC WhatsApp group where you can join me and other entrepreneurs in discussing business issues. The TBC WhatsApp Group is a great support and networking group for small business owners.

The fee for an initial period of 30 days is N20,000 and this gives you access to all of the above.

Subsequent months attract N10,000 per month to continue to have one-on-one coaching/mentoring by me. But your access to the TBC WhatsApp Group after the first month is free, if you choose not to renew and you can continue to engage with me there.

To get started with The Business Coach, pay your first month’s access of N20,000 to Access Bank 0016434725 and then email your payment details and WhatsApp number to: