Mobility Quiz: Would You Buy TECNO Camon CM?

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TECNO Mobile launched their first edge-to-edge display smartphone, and it came specifications that are not exactly an upgrade to the Camon CX. So, we ask, Would You Buy TECNO Camon CM? Participate in this poll for a chance to win a little something.

tecno camon cm


Quik TECNO Camon CM Specs Comparison with TECNO Camon CX

The Camon CM’s cameras are downgraded to 13 megapixel units from 16 megapixels on the CX. Of course, that does not necessarily mean that they will produce poorer quality images. Photography is more than the megapixel count.

The CM has a bigger display now, thanks to the bezel-less design – 5.7 inches, against the Camon CX’s 5.5 inches screen. Bigger display; smaller body, making it a handier smartphone to carry and to use.


On the inside, both smartphones are very identical – same Android version, similar processor rating, RAM size, internal storage, and battery capacities. So, what separates the Camon CM from the Camon CX is pretty much time and the bezel-less design of the former.

You can go through the full specifications HERE and those of the Camon CX HERE.


To Buy TECNO Camon CM Or Not To Buy?

Over to you now: if you were hunting for a replacement for the Camon CX, would you buy TECNO Camon CM?

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  1. Most of Tecno lovers would love to own this device because of one thing, and that one thing is the bezel-less, edge to edge screen display. nothing much is special about the features

  2. No. It’s like a watered down Camon CX. Plus, this is not really bezelless. There’s level in this bezelless thing.

  3. Though am not a fan of Tecno-havent own one before,i may consider buying one to have a feel of the bezel-less thing.
    Tecno is getting interesting these days especially with the turn out of the Phantom 8.

  4. Not a bad phone in itself, but as an upgrade it’s a No no no.
    Hope to get my hands on this bezel-less one day.

  5. If or when you get to review the CamonCM please verify if it works with Glo 4G, this is my most important criteria to upgrade from my CamonCXAir.

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