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A picture speaks louder than a thousand words. Take a look:
Richard cards


  1. Kaaiiiiii…. na only God can help our education sector in this country. Not even the better educated child of the business woman (or man) can help out.

  2. Our level of education, like most other things here, is at an abysmal low..

    Cry my beloved count-ryyy..

    (Let us not entirely discard the possibility that the writer of that sign may be trying to catch the buyers’ attention – just as it did!)

  3. The person just said the sound and wrote down what it sounded like. Seen lots of signs like that so this shouldn’t be surprising to anyone.

    We are talking about a country where educated people use “chic” for “chick” and “am” for “I’m”. “Richard cards”? Amusing but no big deal.

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