Calling Symbian & Blackberry Developers

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Mobility Nigeria is committed to helping to build a vibrant mobile developer community here in Nigeria. We want to see mobile apps developed by Nigerians gain acceptance and credibility.

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We will be partnering with various organisations who have vested interests in mobile apps to provide support and an enabling environment to get things going.

As the first step in our drive in achieving this objective, we are inviting mobile apps developers to submit their details, so that we can build a comprehensive database.

Note also that only platforms that have official support for Nigeria are currently included in this drive. For now, that translates to Symbian and Blackberry.

Do you develop Symbian or Blackberry applications? Use the comments box below to submit your contact details, as well as a list of any apps that you have developed (or are currently developing). Our goal is to give you maximum exposure. Feel free to also tell us what you think we can do here at Mobility Nigeria to contribute to the developer ecosystem in the country.

Even if you are not a mobile app developer, please spread the word. This is our Nigeria. Together, we make things happen.


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