Calorie Mama helps monitor the calorie content of food

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One thing that humans cannot do without is food. Also, healthy food is something that everyone deserves. However, it’s not so easy to get all the healthy food we need. But we can know how healthy the food we do have is. There’s an app for that and it is called Calorie Mama. It makes use of photograph recognition technology to assist users in knowing more about their diet.

Calorie Mama is a product of Azumio Inc., makers of various health and fitness apps. It makes use of meals recognition machine studying artificial intelligence. It can establish numerous completely different meals, including packaged meals.

Calorie Mama

Calorie Mama helps the user to watch their calorie intake per day in order to reach their weight goal. After downloading Calorie Mama, the user inputs their current weight, height and gender. Then the app prompts the user to input their weight goal. After that, all the user needs to do is to take a photo of their food.

The app’s inbuilt artificial intelligence suggests what the food might be. When the user confirms the food item, the AI analyzes the photo and tells the nutritional info of the food. The app is able to identify just about every kind of dish, including Western, European and Asian dishes.

Calorie Mama is available for iPhones and iPads only.

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