I did a piece recently comparing the two top Nokia smartphones in the market, the undefeated N8 Cameraphone and the E7 Communicator. In that article,

Camera: A day out with the N8 and the E7

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I did a piece recently comparing the two top Nokia smartphones in the market, the undefeated N8 Cameraphone and the E7 Communicator.

In that article, I made a case for why my choice is the E7. Of course, that was not to say that there was not a valid case for the N8 being picked. As a matter of fact, spec for spec, the N8 outguns its sibling in terms of what it can do and how well those thinbgs are done – better pictures (in more ways than one), better audio, better videos, and FM transmission.

As has been said, it all depends on the needs of the individual in question.

Anyway, after church yesterday, someone suggested that a group of us go hang out. I certainly needed the air, so off we went. Fortunately, I had both my E7 with me and N8 with a friend.

To cut a long story short, taking pictures with the N8 again reminded me of why it continues to be loved around the world. Inspite of the fact that it has both a smaller and poorer display than the E7, pictures taken with the N8 looked so stunning on its own display and easilly shamed the E7 camera on all counts. I mean, ALL counts.

Here is a crop from an example shot (E7 shot above; N8 shot below):
E7 N8 icecream1
The pictures are of the same person from the same spot about a distance of 1 metre. Of course, you were expecting a drastic difference in quality; weren’t you?

So, if superb quality pictures are your thing, forget the hardware keyboard and larger, better display on the E7 and go splurge on the Nokia N8 instead. For now, and probably for a longer while, the N8 rules among cameraphones.


  1. Unfortunately, the best of Nokia N8’s photography doesnt measure up to that of the Android game changers like Samsung Galaxy out there.

  2. Trully, the difference is clear.

    I think the N8 would sell even if all it had is its camera – well maybe because i love the act of photography.

  3. For now, and probably for a longer while, the N8 rules among cameraphones.

    Maybe among Nokia cameraphones. The N8 couldn’t possibly beat Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc in picture quality. In fact Nokia can’t compete with Sony Ericsson on the camera front in cameraphones.

  4. what! What!! WHAT!!!

    Guy, many online reviews and comparisms have clearly stated that the N8’s camera is the best in the world! No other one comes close to it! Even the SGS2 and Sony ericsson Xperia Arc.

    Please get your facts straight.

    Here are some links:



  5. @Ehimare:

    You’re not seriously hoping for anything objective from a diehard Symbian fan blog site, are you? He’s clearly biased is reaching his conclusions. Always taking the N8 as a yardstick for judging how natural, better or sharper pictures should look. What possible guarantee have we that his not even ill-adjusting that other devices settings to produce bad results or even switching the results.

    I owed the SE K750i device and have never seen a 2MP equipped cameraphone that could beat its output.

    Further more consider the shootout match between the N8 and SE Xperia Arc, Steve keeps saying things like, “zoom-blurred out image.” What exactly is that in aid of?

  6. you can’t use a dedicated symbian site to prove a point, what did u expect allaboutsymbian.com to say about the N8

  7. This Harry guy…He will always argue! Have seen it severally on tech sites that nokia N8 is d cameraphone king by miles..nobody is interested in downgrading any camera settings to aid any platform..when samsung pixon was camera was the king..it was well known! On gsmarena’s review SE Xperia arc was stated as a distant second to nokia N8 and that was even before samsung galaxy S II came….

  8. Shayman, were u xpecting anything from a die-hard Symbian-hater?

    all those things you arre saying, all those other reviewers who have compared the Arc to the N8 and picked the N8 as undisputed king, all mean noting to him.b If its symbian, it can never be good enough for him.

    One of the links I posted drew reference from an Engadget review of the T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide. The reviewer compared several cameraphones… Samsung’s Galaxy S II, Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Arc, and Nokia’s N8.

    Here is what she said:

    We’d rank the Slide’s camera at number three in the current crop of cameraphones, beating devices like the iPhone 4 and Xperia Arc, trailing closely behind the second place Galaxy S II, with the N8 taking the number one spot by a wide margin.

    That is from an Engadget reviewer, and the Xperia Arc that Harry is raving about doesnt even make it into the top 3.

    From various reviewers around the world, the top two cameraphones are the N8 and Galaxy S II, first and second respectively.

    Arc ko, dome ni.

  9. More from Myriam Joire’s Engadget review of the T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide:

    There’s no doubt that the myTouch 4G Slide takes beautiful pictures. Still, as we mentioned above, the Galaxy S II usually performs better and the N8 still plays in a league of its own. The Slide manages to gather a lot of information, but that’s no match for the massive amounts of detail captured through the N8’s impeccable Zeiss optics.

    When it comes to mobile photography, Nokia still reigns supreme with the N8 (which is a far better shooter than it is a phone), and Samsung continues to flex its imaging muscle with the Galaxy S II.

  10. lastly, Harry, it is looking like you are creating a reputation as someonje who likes to malign others. You did it with Yomi some time ago, questioning his credibility. u have just done it with Steve (AAS) again. no proof. just running others down.

    That tells what kind of person u are. Very soon, no-one will take u serious again. check yourself.

  11. @ check this excerpt from gsmarena page 8 of the SE XPERIA ARC review

    ”The image quality is excellent.
    There’s plenty of fine detail in
    the XPERIA Arc shots (though
    surprisingly a bit lower
    compared to the X10) and the
    color rendering is good. Color saturation is slightly on the
    high side, but it’s not too bad
    and if you are into punchier
    colors you might even like it
    better this way.”

    xperia arc takes quality pics but even d older xperia x10 captures more details…and there’s high saturation level on d arc makin pics look artificial! D N8 captures d most detail on a smartphone ever…and above all very natural pics! Thats the real deal man


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