Camera head to head: Lumia 950 vs LG G6

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It is the Lumia 950 vs LG G6 in this camera head to head by Mister Mobility. One of 2017’s best camera phones goes up against the legend of the Lumia 950 from 2015 and still one of the best around.

Ever since the LG G6 came in, the one thing I have been very excited about doing is pitching its camera against the Lumia 950’s legendary camera. You can imagine that I have been quite the shutterbug in the last few weeks.

Lumia 950 vs LG G6

I do not enjoy carrying two smartphones on me, but I have managed to pull it off despite the inconveniences. I have taken quite a number of comparison shots with both flagship devices and picked a handful for your evaluation.

But before we proceed, let’s take time to spell out what each of these champs bring to the table.

Lumia 950 vs LG G6 Camera Comparison Table

Lumia 950 LG G6
Main Camera 20 MP OIS, autofocus Dual 13 MP (OIS, autofocus) + 13 MP (no autofocus)
Aperture f/1.9 f/1.8 + f/2.4
Flash triple-LED RGB dual-LED
Selfie Camera 5 MP, f/2.4 5 MP, f/2.2

On paper, we should argue that the Lumia 950 should produce greater resolutions, while the G6 produce better low-light images. That is a very simplistic summary. In reality, things are not that simple and the results can go in different directions. The Lumia also has the added advantage of being equipped with Zeiss lens.

Lumia 950 vs LG G6: Main Cameras

We have seen the specs. It is time to have a look at the pictures captured using the cameras of the Lumia 950 and LG G6 respectively, the former’s is placed above and the latter’s below. Click on each photo to view the full resolution image.

View of Old NITEL Building from Freedom Park

Lumia 950 freedom park nitel
Lumia 950
LG G6 freedom park nitel

Obelisk, Freedom Park

Lumia 950 feedom park obelisk
Lumia 950
LG G6 freedom park obelisk

Black Guy, Freedom Park

Lumia 950 freedom park black guy
Lumia 950
LG G6 freedom park black guy

Art Gallery, Freedom Park

Lumia 950 freedom park green
Lumia 950
LG G6 freedom park green

Purse On Table

Lumia 950 purse on table
Lumia 950
LG G6 purse on table

Christmas Tree

Lumia 950 xmas tree
Lumia 950
LG G6 xmas tree

Bouncing Castle

Lumia 950 bouncing castle
Lumia 950
LG G6 Bouncing castle

Crop Of Bouncing Castle

To illustrate the level of details that each camera is capable of capturing, I cropped the top of the bouncing castle photos.

Lumia 950 bouncing castle crop
Lumia 950

LG G6 Bouncing castle crop

Selfie Camera Sample

The Lumia 950’s selfie camera was left in the past a long time ago and unable to keep up with more recent selfie cameras in the market. I took a shot to give you an idea of how outdated it is in comparison to the G6’s.

Lumia 950 selfie dark
Lumia 950

LG G6 selfie dark

The Lumia 950’s selfie camera is not even in the fight. Let’s just skip along.

Lumia 950 vs LG G6: Your Verdict

Having seen the photographs, what is your verdict? How did either camera phone perform? PS: Ignore the selfie cameras; there is no contest there.

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