Who captured this better – Passport or Lumia 930?

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Nokia Lumia 930 has the reputation of having one of the best cameras on a smartphone. BlackBerry Passport has the best camera ever on a Blackberry, and it has been very impressive. See: Finally, BlackBerry makes a really good cameraphone and an earlier blind test, BlackBerry Passport Camera comparison.

So, I present you a blind test of the two swashbucklers. Same view. Same time (6.10am). Flash used in both cases. I uploaded the full size images, so you can click through to view all the details you want (it is 2.26MB large).

Camera Blind Test

To give you an idea of how well the 93-0 and passport’s cameras have done, here is a reference shot taken by another smartphone. Same view. Same time. Flash on.

BlindTest1 reference

Get the picture? So, back to the comparison above: tell us which of the two shots you think is the Passport – the upper or the lower one, and who you think won this cameraphone fight – the Nokia Lumia 930 or the BlackBerry Passport.

  1. Hard to tell because the top two photos capture a similar scene but one is slighly off. So I can’t tell exactly, for example, if the second pic had been able to capture more of the orange wall by the curtains, whether the light balance would be comparable to the top most pic. As it is, it cuts off the top and only captures a bit of the side and doesn’t even capture the room lighting on the left wall, so it shows up a bit darker.

    Having said that, I can’t tell. The top photo takes advantage of the wall light and captures more of the room, so colours tend to be a bit more vivid. The second picture doesn’t capture the wall lighting in the same way and covers less of the room, so the wall colour and room colours tend to look more natural.

  2. I give it to the top picture,though the portraits on the wall are better captured by the other camera,top Lumia 930..lower Passport..

  3. The lower photo is a little dull. The colors in the top’s are more vivid and lightning well balanced. 930 wins IMO!

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