Cameroonian Invents A Medical Tablet, The Cardiopad

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This is one really substantive bit of news that is worth carrying. In a world of cheap China knock-off tablets that are simply re-branded for startups, here is a real work of innovation, a medical tablet.

Arthur Zang, a 24-year-old Cameroonian engineer, has built the CardioPad, the first fully touchscreen medical tablet that can perform tests such as the electrocardiogram (ECG) and transmit results wirelessly. Software built into the device allow the doctor to give computer assisted diagnosis.

CardioPad Medical Tablet

Think of the costs and size of standard ECG machines, and it is easy to see how this invention can be a great plus to healthcare here in Africa.

Here is an excerpt from news sources:

“The Cardiopad will cut down the cost of examination. We intend to sell the device for 1500 euros, while the current price for an electrocardiograph device is 3800 euros. If hospitals purchase the device at a low price, they will be able to lower the prices of medical examinations”, Arthur Zang hopes.

However, there is still the issue of energy, as many of the country’s remote regions do not have access to electricity. “The Cardiopad is equipped with a battery that can independently power the machine for more than seven hours”, the engineer assures.

Our doctors here on Mobility blog can appreciate in more details the value of this medical tablet. Comments are welcome!

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  1. Good development. If this device works as advertised, and is well received here in Nigeria, then sooner rather than later, the Chinese will come with their cheap version that could drop the price to below €500.

  2. medical personel can now encourage every nigerian 40years and above to do an ECG screening at least once a year at an afordable price.Not wih our terrible lifestyle of over eating and lack of proper exercise.

    This will save us from sudden stroke,paralysis and even obesity.

    Where is afewgoodmen et al

  3. Ideas rule the world…

    Mobile devices -with the aid of innovative software are replacing lots of physical, compass, gyroscope, ELECTROCARDIOGRAM………the list goes on and on..

    Next thing would be to adapt this one to also record braiin waves (ELECTRO-encephalogram), using the appropriate transducers.

    ‘CardioPad Pro is easily expandable through the use of industry standards, ensuring the possibility for future updates and additions.’

    Kudos !

  4. Biotechware ad ita product Cardiopad pro aren’t affiliate with the work of this guy.

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