The Blackberry Torch 9800 is the best Blackberry device so far when it comes to playing media files such as videos and audio songs. The

Does BlackBerry Torch handle media files better than an iPod Touch?

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The Blackberry Torch 9800 is the best Blackberry device so far when it comes to playing media files such as videos and audio songs. The reason is simple; it has a bigger screen, better camera compared to other Blackberry Devices to date and the video recorder records video at 30fps with continuous auto-focus.

In this post I’ll share how good of a media player a Blackberry torch is as it goes head to head with an Apple iPod Touch. I’m comparing with an iPod Touch because I myself own one, and the music and video player on an iPod Touch is almost same compared to an iPhone.

I’ve tested both BlackBerry Torch and iPod Touch for music player, video player and voice recorder.

Music Player

music player

Blackberry Torch has an improved music player than previous Blackberry devices as it has Blackberry OS 6.0. But, compared to an iPod the music player still lacks a few features. The music player on iPod can display lyrics and media info which Blackberry Torch can’t (I’m comparing the default media players, so any app which supports lyrics viewer is not considered). Besides, iPod’s music player has Cover Flow, which makes is very unique.

So, iPod’s music player has better features than Blackberry’s Music player. However, I’ve tested playing the same song on both devices to test the clarity and bass response of both device and Blackberry surprisingly wins this battle. I used BOSE headphones and Blackberry comes up with better audio quality. Also, you can’t change a song using iPod Touch’s volume button, Blackberry Torch has advantage here.

So my final opinion is that, if you care about only listening to your favourite song and care less about reading the lyrics while the song is playing then Blackberry will do the job. If you need more features like Cover Flow or lyric viewer the iPod Touch should be your choice.

Video Player

video player1

Playing a video on iPod touch is very simple. iTunes converts the video for iPod/iPad and then syncs it. But for Blackberry it’s different, the user has to convert a video on his own in order to play it in his Blackberry. I’ve tried to play a Full-HD video on both my iPod touch and Blackberry Torch.

If a video is converted using iTunes then it plays smoothly on an iPod. But Blackberry faces some problem playing that particular video. The first few seconds play a bit slowly, and then the rest of the video is played fine on Blackberry. This problem can be solved by reducing the FPS (Frame Per Second) and the audio codec of the video. So clearly the iPod Touch wins the battle for the video player.

Voice recorder

mzl.sqddophi.320x480 75

This is the only area where the two devices are matched with one another. Both iPod and Blackberry touch records well, but for iPod you need a microphone while blackberry doesn’t require any headphone/microphone. As it has a microphone built in.

Finally, I would like to say that iPod Touch plays videos better, has more features in the music player as well but, every time it needs to be connected to iTunes in order to add any new videos/audio song. Therefore sometimes, I prefer my Blackberry torch; because I can just drag and drop anything in its file browser and it’ll just play it. It’s faster than iTunes.

Moreover, the Blackberry Torch has an advantage with the Bluetooth file transfer which is only available on a jailbroken iPod Touch. Bottom line is, iPod’s disadvantage is iTunes which is likely to be solved as soon as iCloud is available. Blackberry Torch needs to improve its music player with more features like cover flow and lyric viewer in order to compete with Apple iPod.


  1. Interesting comparison, Imtiaz Khan.

    “but for iPod you need a microphone while…”

    That statement makes me wonder what version of the ipod touch that you are using for this review! From the 3rd Generation or so, the iPod touch has had an External Speaker along with integrated Microphone!

  2. yes, the 3G and 4G iPod Touch have integrated microphones. Of course the recorders are similar functions.

    However, if you were using a later version of iPod Touch (3 or 4G), or the iphone 4; you wouldn’t have counted the lack of integrated microphone as a disadvantage!

    That’s why it’s always advisable to specify the actual model of device you are using to avoid ambiguity. As iPod touch has several Models/Genarations.

  3. i dont think someone would consider buying blackberry torch just because it has an integrated microphone. recorder plays a small part in choosing between blackberry and ipod touch. anyway, i’ll be more specific next time

  4. ???????
    ‘ve got a nice comparison there but in my opinion, I wouldn’t buy a BlackBerry device for Multimedia. From media player to voice recorder, I’d go with the iPod touch. It’s a pure multimeÐia device with good apps to download.

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