As part of yesterday’s publication of the news that Etisalat is now offering a Galaxy Tab bundle, I said the following: This humongous device –

Can I really go back to carrying two devices around?

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As part of yesterday’s publication of the news that Etisalat is now offering a Galaxy Tab bundle, I said the following:

This humongous device – the Galaxy Tab – is what I need for my mobile office and entertainment needs. For telephony, I’ll get a non-smartphone with stellar voice/SMS capabilities (perhaps a Nokia C3?).

Before this, I had also written an article titled If you get a tablet, what would you need a smartphone for?.
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The interesting thing at my end is that some time ago, I got tired of carrying two or more phones around. I simply decided that I would be a one-device person. I have since always “travelled light” – having only one device on me for all my voice/SMS/mobile office needs.

This morning, I got to thinking about it again and wondered whether or not I could become comfortable with having two devices on me at all times – which is what I would have to do if I picked up a Galaxy Tab.

I am still thinking about it.

How about you? Do you carry more than one phone around or are you an old-school dude like me who insists on one converged device?


  1. I’m the kind of guy who believes in redundancy and always plans for the unknown. I’m used to having spares for almost anything. I have 2 smartphones with me [Samsung Wave and Nokia 5320XM], and have a featurephone at home for emergencies. I have a paper-list of all my phone numbers, have backups on my laptop and ExtHDD, and regularly update them on my phones. That’s just me.

    If I get the Galaxy Tab, I’ll still definitely have a smartphone with me. I intend to use the Galaxy mainly for reading ebooks. I know it’ll difficult to resist browsing with it, especially with the 250MB data plan attached.

  2. Yomi, carrying only one device in this Nigeria is like inviting a manic-depressive illness. When I got the BB, I felt that’s all I’ll need for calls, email, web surfing etc. Was ok for a while because I am on MTN BIS. But early this month when I went to Abraka, Delta State for our Health Week activities, I almost ran mental. NO network for the whole period. It wasn’t funny as I was expecting important information and calls. I am now back to two devices to lug around and sim cards for all the networks just in case, plus starcomms moto Q for serious internet tethering with laptop.

    This is nigeria. We have to realize the fact that one device wakabout is not with us yet.

  3. Well, might just be possible if you live in lagos where all networks are stable and you carry computer phone like nokia N900 or N8. But don’t try to leave lagos or else…

  4. A change of heart, Yomi. For me, the Samsung Galaxy Tablet is a must! With my Nokia E5 to substitute for telephony needs. Do not forget, you can actually make calls with the Galaxy tab. I just hope it comes with a handsfree or bluetooth headset in the package!

  5. I am not motivated to use entry level phones and unfortunately, most dual sim phones fall into this category. Carrying two phones can be cumbersome, not sure i can ever get used to it.

    The convenience of the Galaxy as a phone is very suspect, i have used a few big screen touchscreen phones to know that i can never do without a QWERTY keyboard. And very importantly, Etisalat seems to be asking for a little too much for the device.

  6. @artwales: Interesting point about QWERTY as a requirement. I strongly lean towards QWERTY myself. Typing even SMS can be a pain without QWERTY (which is why I am considering a QWERTY device for my voice/SMS needs).

    Let’s just say that I am in “adventure” mode in considering the Tab for my mobile computing needs.

  7. I sure dont mind carrying two phones. The fun on smartphones and tablets are so much that you wont want to stop until the battery drains out.

    Having a second phone like the new Etisalat dual sim phone or the starcoms dual sim phone for calls only is a must.

  8. About the QWERTY thing, I agree that it’s indeed tough using a touchscreen interface. It’s another reason I’ll always keep my keyboard smartphone. I’m hoping Swype and the bigger virtual keys will make typing less tiresome than smaller touchscreens.

  9. Thanks Yomi – truth is, CONVERGENCE is the future!

    i have never been able to carry 2 phone devices around but i have gotten used to carrying my trustworthy BB storm as well as an iPAD… but methinks i would be going for the galaxy Tab, for sure, cos it would then be a real 2-in-1 device for moi
    (1) phone with push email capability
    (2) tablet cum laptop, for meetings

    so.. expect Nigerians to rush the Etisalat Samsung galaxy package… it is a winning combination – and at N125k, its about the price of a high-end mobile phone to boot (iPhone4, BB Torch, Android phones etc all cost N125k +).

  10. Two devices? No way! mine is four mobile deviced for all the available gsm networks in Nigeria.I am proud to say that I am not faithfull to a particular gsm network due to the mobile nature of my work & the unreliable nature of their services. Kill my self with hypertension no way!.

  11. Can’t go back to carrying phone two devices, not when my preferred QWERTY device weighs above 150gms. Nope, I do calls and others on one device when outside the office or home. And since I am on Glo postpaid which lacks a friendly internet bundle like Always Micro, I am still billed at 15k/kb for accessing the net.

    Pads and tablets ablove 5″ ? Certainly not for me. Netbooks are cheaper and closest to the real thing(Mobile Office) if I must do my job outside the office.

  12. brym,

    I can imagine you totting the B7610 and the Tab around together 😀

    Also, this is so true:

    Netbooks are cheaper and closest to the real thing (Mobile Office) if I must do my job outside the office.

    Now, you’ve got me re-thinking.

    However, if the battery life touted by Smasung for the Tab is anything to go by, it beats the battery life of any Windows netbook that I know of. My netbook doesn’t last half as long as 7 hours.

  13. @yomi…Better battery or not? Gettin the job done fast and easy matters most. Even the best batteries dont last forever…you cant be convenient carrying such a big device and then another phone…a netbook is definitely better for the price you pay

  14. I am totally with brymay on this one. Me, I carry only one device around.

    @Yomi, there’s the new acer netbook called Acer Timeline X, the battery lasts longer than 7hrs.

  15. This is getting more interesting. Although, it is becoming more difficult for some to decide what to use. Remember, KISS~ keep it simple stupid. Just state your priority and then go for what suit you.

    I am finding it difficult to make up my mind too, so I went for a Nokia E72. but i need a second device, for mobile computing and internet needs. I have been thinking of a net-book, but this Samsung galaxy is looking sumtous. hmm!

  16. I was at the Samsung Galaxy Tab launch at Southern Sun [the tail end]. Played w/ the device for quite a while. Very nice & responsive. Really nice.

    I carry only 1 device: a BlackBerry 9000. I’ll be deprecating the BlackBerry for an Android full touch next month, so for a short while I’ll carry 2 devices.

  17. Having a multipurpose device with long battery life and fluidity of use is the panacea for a Tech guy’s life. Even professionals like doctors could be blessed if the ultimate device comes. THe Samsung Galaxy S isn’t it yet. But when the next iteration of the iPad comes, maybe, it would be it!

  18. Was still thinking about this scenario today. While I have an aversion for carrying two phones around, the idea of a phone and a tablet still appeals somehow. Exploring it further though, I suspect that the tablet would stay home most of the time.

    Silly geek life.

  19. Meaning that you end up having a tablet you don’t REALLY need.

    Let’s face it, if tablets don’t fix in the niche between a smartphone and a netbook and you can’t carry it about, then its of no use. But then, we all love playing with new and exciting toys don’t we?

  20. Meaning that you end up having a tablet you don’t REALLY need.

    Correct. And which means that I am not getting one. Of course, if someone were to give me one as a gift that would be a different matter.

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