Can mobile replace the remote control?

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Remote Control

The mobile phone is the all-conquering juggernaut of the 21st century. It has conquered various tools and services, embracing and assimilating them as it goes along. If there is anything to love and fear in this day and age, it is the mobile.

For lots of people, mobile is now their primary computing tool, calculator, time piece, scheduler, diary, FM radio, television, scanner, maps, compass, navigator, and more. Someone asked a question early this morning, and I thought it would make for an interesting discussion here.

In millions of homes, we have modern television sets and consequently that famous tool, the remote control. In some homes, there exist multiple remote controls – one for the TV, another for the DVD player, and perhaps a third for DStv. There could be more if you have enough money, if you know what I mean.

Can mobile save us from the remote control and replace them? Do you see this happening, and how soon?


  1. Can mobile save us from the remote control and replace them? Do you see this happening, and how soon?

    It is already happenning. It makes sense to make ‘Optima’ use of these awesome devices.

    Phones are opening doors (home and car), piloting cars, airplanes, sea vessels- all other sorts of UNimaginative things

    See someone giving tje phone a sixth sense here..

  2. Re-iterating this..

    If there os one thing that is going to eventually compel me to move away from Symbian/ Belle World – to the Android ‘enemy camp’, it is the limitless possibilities existing in software to make better use of a mobile phone

  3. I think that is very possible but I cannot say how soon. I also think that remote control technology needs to evolve to the point of using a different frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum like the radio wave or anything higher for its use to even become more remote, like what we have in many modern automobiles.

  4. I have tried to explore this possibilities. I was able to use Vectri to remote mobipocket reader on a laptop. But not on TV I believe everything is possible

  5. We may not even need a mobile phone-remote control. Samsung already has a motion-controlled TV that requires only human hand gestures, facial movements and voice commands to operate it.

  6. There is an application call iremote on symbian. I have used to control virtually all gadgets in my house before i stop using my e51. It control any model of TV, home theaters, ACs laptop and any electronics you can think of. It a cool appplication the only limitation now is that it can only work with infrared and we can hardly see any phone that has infrared now.

  7. Nothing new, as already pointed out by a number of people, it is already being done and has been done by some phones.

    Personally I like my phone as my phone and not the household remote. Bear in mind that the newer batch of smartphones barely last a day without needing to be re-charged. Why expend my phone battery instead of swapping remotes to change channels/switch on and off/adjust the volume manually?

    “All in one” remotes have existed for years for this purpose. They’re still on the market and still in demand – with better battery life.

  8. unless all new smartphones come with infrared, I really doubt this is gonna happen, or alternatively tvs comes with bluetooth .

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