How to dictate your WhatsApp messages via Google Now

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If you read this title and thought we were kidding, well you’re wrong. Users of Google Now on Android devices already know how handy and useful it can be. We can issue voice commands to set alarms, reminders or send text messages through Hangouts.


Google has just extended that functionality to 3rd party IM apps. The first set to have this feature are: WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, Telegram and NextPlus. It will be subsequently spread to other IM apps. Now we may ask, How does this work? The answer is simple:

Start up your Google Now app and say “Ok Google”. Tell it, to send a WhatsApp message to any of your contacts. The app will then prompt you to dictate your message. That’s it.

This new feature demands that your Google Now and WhatsApp or other supported IM apps should be updated to the latest version. The feature is currently only available in English but will be duly updated to support other languages.



  1. These guys are really breaking barriers, soon typing with your fingers would be a thing of the past.

    Voice command on phones has rxisyed since 1998 (at least) and has been on desktop PC since 1988 (at least). it hasn’t managed to replace (entirely) typing and is not likely ever to.

    For IMs that already have call facilities (like WhatsApp), this feature is superfluous..

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