You can now stream apps directly from Google Search

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With the growth of technology, more and more information are likely to be found within apps than on the web. Hence, Google started working on ways of indexing content from apps – this enables them show up in searches. Now, when you search for anything, Google checks both the web and apps too.

The company has just unveiled an even better way of getting content and information from apps without even having to install them. This greatly saves one the stress of having to install these apps. For instance, if you wanted to search for hotel booking, the search directs you to the app.

You then stream the app, see extra listings and even make your bookings. This feature sadly is currently only restricted to a few apps. You can only use in the US, over Wifi through an Android Lollipop device. Too many restrictions right? 🙂 Google promised to spread this feature overtime, as they try to grab more content from apps.



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