Can someone explain this trend with Microsoft’s Android apps?

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Microsft Apps

Ever since Microsoft started infiltrating Google Play Store with their apps, there’s this funny trend that comes to play. Microsoft apps are always very huge. It’s very blatant when you compare them with other apps that perform similar functions.

One may wonder if molded balls of garri will be found when the apps are torn apart or extracted. Because it’s hard to justify the reason behind the very bloated sizes of their apps. Let’s do some comparison to illustrate this.

OneNote VS EverNote

One Note EverNote

EverNote is practically the best note taking app I’ve come across. They have apps on almost every available platform including PC – you take notes, capture stuff on the go, and they’re synced on all your gadgets. Microsoft’s OneNote also performs the same function even though the UI looks a bit complicated.

According to Google Play Store, OneNote weighs 28.99MB while Evernote is 21.36MB. The latter has more features but the former is heavier in size.

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint VS WPS Office

This is one that marvels me the most. Microsoft Office apps are split into three apps in Google Play Store: Word is 104 MB, Excel is 93.32 MB, and PowerPoint 91.13 MB. The reason behind this outrageously huge apk size I cannot explain.

Some users said you would be required to download additional data before the app starts working. That is extra data and storage costs!! Why? I ask. Office work on mobiles is limited. Serious work always need to be transferred and completed on a PC, then why all the fuss? Why should these apps be so huge?

WPS Office on the other hand weighs in at just 20.08 MB and so far its be best office app I’ve used on Android, and mind you, it’s a combination of these 3 apps (Office, Excel and PowerPoint).

I guess there are lot’s of things the mind cannot explain – like how earphones magically entangle inside one’s pockets or bag. Your thoughts?


  1. I think Microsoft needs to go and learn to make apps for mobile. this ain’t laptop or desktop. but on the windows phones, i don’t think the apps are this large. well then, I say they are just being foolish.

  2. Well my comparison would be keyboard apps: Compare SwiftKey, Google Keyboard and Swype. Which is the largest, and why when it doesn’t do anything more special then the others?

    You have to remember that these apps, size notwithstanding, aren’t targeted at users with limited space in their phones or those counting megabytes.

    In a case like this – or any other similar one – what I do if I have to think about installing an app I consider too large; go for something smaller that I can live with.

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