I came across an article on Nokia’s Nseries blog and I will love to share it with you. Below is an excerpt from the article. But like

Can you have too many apps? Find out..

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I came across an article on Nokia’s Nseries blog and I will love to share it with you. Below is an excerpt from the article.

But like kids let loose in a sweet shop, can we have too much of a good thing? How many apps do we really need? Think about it. There are more than 70,000 registered Twitter apps out there. How is that making anything easier? And with recent research showing 26% of apps are used just once before being deleted, are some of us in danger of becoming app addicts? To try and give you a better idea of whether your ardor for apps is normal or a little extreme, we’ve put together a very unscientific guide. So count up your apps and see where you stand on the Nseries blog appiness scale.

Here is also a “very unscientific guide” from the article. Hope you can have fun trying to see where you fit on the Nseries blog appiness scale!

App baby

1 to 10 apps
Come on! Why did you even bother buying a smartphone at all? You might as well have bought a Porsche and only drive it in first gear. Get yourself over to Ovi and put your download pedal to the metal.

App amateur

11 to 30 apps
Okay, you’ve taken the first step toward apps enlightenment. You’ve hung around the apps store, maybe even messed around with Ovi Maps and got hooked on Angry Birds, but app nirvana is still some way off.

App pro

31 to 70 apps
Nice work. You’re an appy chappy, who knows that you can have too much of a good thing, but still like to make sure your smartphone is packed with a fab selection of the latest apps.

App power user

70 to 120 apps
Some people might call you an app-maniac, but if you’re a power-user, you just love your smartphone to pieces and want to get the most for your money. As soon as you hear about an amazing new app, you download it faster than you can say Shazam.

App addict

Over 120
Whoah there, cowboy! Over 120 is a heck of a lot of apps. Perhaps you ought to consider cutting down and freeing up some of your phone memory. Downloading an app every other day isn’t good for your bank balance or your concentration. Maybe you should even holster your credit card for a while.

So, where do you fit? Do you think that there are too many apps, or do you believe that the more the merrier?

Read the full article: Information overload! Can you have too many apps?


  1. I MOST DEFINITELY believe One can have too many apps. During the Apple iStore rapid growth period 18-36 months back, I was always amazed at how people loved quoting the number of apps available. “50000 this week!” “150% increase in the past 4 weeks!” “100000 apps now available!” “70% of apps free!”

    I’m now immune to news regarding the progress of any App Store [be it android, apple, ovi, blackberry, Samsung, etc.]

    About the scale above, I’m definitely an APP PRO.

    But I rarely download an app without consulting online references. E.g., Just before sleeping last night, I read that Ovi Browser beta was available for download. I waited till this morning to read more about it, and learnt it was only for S40/dumb phones.

    Besides, I have a life outside phones, you know. I’m not some kid stuck at home during the holidays with nothing to do but play with a smartphone. I have to work, spend time with my girlfriend, meet friends, etc. I only really use my N8 for 1-2 hours [not at a stretch] on weekdays. On weekends, it’s a different matter!

  2. Apart from game apps I only use app to make up for what my phone lacks. Facebook this, facebook that, I don’t use any facebook app cos I view facebook on my phone like I do on pc and even chat. I have more bookmarks than apps
    However I’ve about 22apps and more than 85% are games.

  3. Apps are good and apps have come to redefine what smartphones can or are meant to do. Just like PCs, we both can have the same phone, but might be able to do cooler things on mine because of apps.

    My App usage is platform determined.
    App pro. But this will be the important/necessary apps

    App power user. Apart from the important apps, i will also get some apps I know I will never use.

    App addict. I will download any app I see as long as it is free or I can afford it and till my memory is full, then I will delete them all and download another set.
    You cant blame me there are too many apps, there is an app for everything and there are lots of great apps too.

    Without Apps Smartphones will become worse than dump phones.

  4. @Spacyzuma, I share your sentiments, except that I fall in the category of an app baby or amateur.

    I only install apps that I intend to use and always use them. For example, I recently installed an email app on the Galaxy Tab to be able to do copy and paste and also to be able to attach large files. As it stands, it is what I use primarily for my email now.

  5. Article kind of skewed towards Symbian. Could’ve been properly adapted to reflect other platforms.

    On my Symbian phone (5230), I’m scared of installing apps. You can call me an absolute app baby here. Why? Because of the memory issue. When you install too many apps (even in memory card), very soon you get a memory low issue. By the time you try to open any application or some menus, you’ll get “memory too low” error. On account of this; I restrict meself to important apps that I actually use love in the Symbian ecosystem; eg emoze, snaptu, quickoffice and shazam. No more, no less.

    When it comes to iOS, that’s an absolutely different story. And that’s why Symbian series 60 is NOT the primary smartphone for me. Just a sidekick, so to say Memory issues and poor thirdparty app selection has been a deal breaker for any Symbian device.

    I am an app addict, according to your classification in iOS. At last count I have over 360 apps. Like Bosun, I delete all apps that aren’t useful. I group my apps into folders. Like Medical app folder, folder for all the collections of Angry Bird, games, arcade, Social cards, productivity, Comics etc. I have used each of these apps at least more than 10 times.

    How am I able to cope? iOS makes things sweet. All these number of apps do not slow the CPU much at all.

    About 40% of my apps are games, 10% are medical oriented, and 30% are full colour comic books! then the other percentage consists of Social media app like twitter/Facebook, then tech/news blog; CNN, Engadget, Time, Mashable etc. My productivity apps include dropbox, Goodreader, kindle, iBooks, Photoshop etc others are instagram, VLC, Dictionary.com,..,..

    Could go on and on. But by the way; only 0.8% of these apps are paid apps!

  6. @turboglendz why don’t you make your own comments without stereotyping other users here? “?certified?” you are really melolodramatic, don’t you think?

    That said, i think that You are missing the point here. What you should consider is “what kind of app user are you? An App baby …. Or App Addict?” that’s what the article above is about!

  7. “Article kind of skewed towards Symbian. Could’ve been properly adapted to reflect other platforms.”

    You are the one not getting the point. I never read the word “Symbian” from the whole article. It is just making an example. It never said that Symbian is better than iOS or anything. Everytime you post something here, you always think that people are bashing iOS and you always come to the rescue without even thinking what that article is all about. Cheers!

  8. Yes. You can have too many apps

    unlike the ‘Apple certified fanboy’ (looking for somebody’s trouble!), I would not install apps like CNN, Engadget, Time, Mashable. There are alternative webapps.

    I could be called an app addict because I love to review well-made, awesome apps.

    to me, the number is not important. the key thing is the usefulness. The relevance to the things that matter to you.

    Talking numbers though, I have about a hundred installed. All essential / important to me..

  9. afewgoodmen lives and breath iOS, all his comments attests to d fact that he’s a fanboy…but if he loves iOS, and he always wana talk bout it, let him be..freedom of speech!

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