Can you have too many apps? Find out..

I came across an article on Nokia’s Nseries blog and I will love to share it with you. Below is an excerpt from the article.

But like kids let loose in a sweet shop, can we have too much of a good thing? How many apps do we really need? Think about it. There are more than 70,000 registered Twitter apps out there. How is that making anything easier? And with recent research showing 26% of apps are used just once before being deleted, are some of us in danger of becoming app addicts? To try and give you a better idea of whether your ardor for apps is normal or a little extreme, we’ve put together a very unscientific guide. So count up your apps and see where you stand on the Nseries blog appiness scale.

Here is also a “very unscientific guide” from the article. Hope you can have fun trying to see where you fit on the Nseries blog appiness scale!

App baby

1 to 10 apps
Come on! Why did you even bother buying a smartphone at all? You might as well have bought a Porsche and only drive it in first gear. Get yourself over to Ovi and put your download pedal to the metal.

App amateur

11 to 30 apps
Okay, you’ve taken the first step toward apps enlightenment. You’ve hung around the apps store, maybe even messed around with Ovi Maps and got hooked on Angry Birds, but app nirvana is still some way off.

App pro

31 to 70 apps
Nice work. You’re an appy chappy, who knows that you can have too much of a good thing, but still like to make sure your smartphone is packed with a fab selection of the latest apps.

App power user

70 to 120 apps
Some people might call you an app-maniac, but if you’re a power-user, you just love your smartphone to pieces and want to get the most for your money. As soon as you hear about an amazing new app, you download it faster than you can say Shazam.

App addict

Over 120
Whoah there, cowboy! Over 120 is a heck of a lot of apps. Perhaps you ought to consider cutting down and freeing up some of your phone memory. Downloading an app every other day isn’t good for your bank balance or your concentration. Maybe you should even holster your credit card for a while.

So, where do you fit? Do you think that there are too many apps, or do you believe that the more the merrier?

Read the full article: Information overload! Can you have too many apps?

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