At CTIA 2011, some guys probably got bored and decided to see how tough the Nokia C7 Astound really is… by running one over with

Can your phone survive being run over by a 4 tonne bus?

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c7 astound truck
At CTIA 2011, some guys probably got bored and decided to see how tough the Nokia C7 Astound really is… by running one over with a bus! This video was also shot with a Nokia Astound.

Dennis Bournique of WapReview was present and thought it was a crazy idea (I would have taken that position too).

The Astound survived (do check the video – it didn’t look broken) and was used as a main phone for the rest of the CTIA event.

Personally, I wouldn’t try this with my N8 or E7, though I have no doubt that either of them will survive the experience if I did. They are both built as solidly as the Astound, if not more.

Who wants to have a go with their phone? I’ll arrange for the bus!

Full details at WapReview and DailyMobile.


  1. It looks like its good to be bored, you’ll discover new things.

    I can put my phone down for the experiment only if I get a guaranty of replacement if a damage occurs.

    But its really nice to see the types of phone being produced these days.

  2. ‘Who wants to have a go with their phone? I’ll arrange for the bus!’

    See wickedness in high places. B’ase je, obi to n so ni igba ojo!

  3. Seriously, I once watched a Japanese documentary where mere cardboards were used to construct a complicated 6′ X 12′ X 6′ (L.B.H) structure. An adult human being them stepped on the structure. It did not collapse!. Astounding!
    This is structural engineering @ its pinnacle!

    In connection with this, an eyePhone dropped accidentally from a Parachutist from thousands of meters – and survived the precipitous drop!

    Kudos to Nokia & Apple!

  4. Me? The only bragging rights of that kind that I’ll ever earn will be for rolling my skinny self over my phone in my bed 🙂

    One thing Nokia has always had going for them is exceptional build quality, and that’s essentially the reason why they’ll continue to appeal to the low-end mobile demographic who are more concerned with durability than anything else. It sure doesn’t hurt to have it on the high-end either, and you’d be hard pressed to find a Nokia that feels plasticky or cheap.

    P.S: the post’s title first had me thinking it might about some mobile cloud computing solution coming this way.

  5. I certainly cant try this with my shinning new phone, but its good to know how durable are gadgets are. Gone are the days when a persons sits on a phone and the screen cracks. (It happened to a friend of mine, when his G friend sat on his phone)

    This also shows how strong Gorilla glass is. I personally have since added Gorilla glass to the things a high-end phone must have b4 I buy it.

    But I have an idea,
    Lets do a Nigerian version with a Molue filled to capacity.
    We can raise the funds and buy a C7, if it survives we will give the phone to Charity.

  6. The iPhone4 is tougher and more durable. It survived a fall from thousands of feet. I also remember reading, somewhere online, where the N8, iphone4 and another phone were subjected to extreme physical tests, and the iphone came out tops.

  7. No be GOd? If the C7 can survive this, definitely the C7 can too!

    Or is it an American Specs thing? Like Vehicles bought with American SPECS are regarded to be stronger and more durable. Perhaps the AStound is not just a C7. Maybe it has some special Engineering design built for it to differentiate it from the Pack. maybe I need to get one!

  8. My 5130xm fell from my balcony…the top floor of a three-storey building. Apart from being scratched, other things work perfectly. So being run over by a bus will just be a breeze. #GoTeamJava #GoTeamNokia

  9. Who ever thought an ‘ordinary’ C7 can survive a 4 tonne crushing weight?
    No way am I ever gonna try that with precious C7.

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