Canalys Smartphone 2011 Figures – Mobile Overtakes PCs

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Canalys have released their Q4 2011 and full 2011 estimates, and the above and below tables give the summaries.

Canalys 2011 Smartphones PC

Notable Highlights

Besides the obvious, here are some other notable points from the Canalys report:

  1. Total annual global shipments of smartphones exceeded those of client PCs (including pads) for the first time
  2. Samsung shipped 3.8 million Bada OS smartphones
  3. Nokia shipped 1.2 million Windows Phone smartphones
  4. Nokia shipped only 0.6 million MeeGo smartphones, so the N9 didn’t sell as much as some hoped

Nobody is paying Bada OS much attention, but Samsung is making great progress with it. 3.8 million Bada OS smartphones is no joke. It is doing significantly better than Windows Phone at the moment, though that may change as Nokia increases Windows Phone shipments this year.

Most importantly is the fact that smartphones have finally overtaken the PC. Do click the source link below to access the full report.


  1. The fact that smartphone shipment surpassed pc shipments is tnot surprising.

    Smartphones- with those multiple cores – and array of available software – are getting almost as functional as PCs – save the issue of display size and ease of input.

    Wireless keyboards are addressing the latter, and improved connectivity (tv-out, HDMI) options, the former..

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