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CannaSOS is a social platform for marijuana experts and enthusiasts. It provides education, strain information, statistics, medical research, directory of doctors and dispensaries of medical cannabis worldwide. Already over 35,000 users are subscribed to the service.

Through the CannaSOS Android app, users have access to the following services:

  • Ask any cannabis related questions and seek answers from peers, medical professionals, activists and marijuana experts;
  • Share their knowledge and experience with like-minded people;
  • Share publications, news, success stories, educational posts and other articles with the cannabis community;
  • Participate in discussions and content moderation via upvotes and downvotes;
  • Share links, pictures and videos among friends and followers.
  • Strain search feature that delivers description, usage statistics and patterns, medical conditions, effects, reviews, pictures and all relevant information pertaining to any marijuana strain.

There’s also an option of choosing to remain anonymous or disclosing your identity to other users.

Download CannaSOS HERE

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