Can’t send SMS to 777 from your BB10 smartphone?

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Glo BBC SMS to 777 problem

Sometimes, sending SMS to Glo’s BlackBerry Complete shortcode, 777, is a problem on BlackBerry 10 smartphones. I have experienced this problem on both the Z30 and the Z10. When the problem happens, the user is unable to check BBC balance or renew subscription. Thankfully, there is an alternative means of achieving the same results.

  • To check balance, dial *777*0#
  • To subscribe to BlackBerry Complete Monthly, dial *777*21#


  1. I have experienced it too on my Q5. What I did was to add + to the 777. And it’s been working ever since. Subscribe or check balance. +777

  2. Great info, thanks all. Previously, I have managed through a cycle of sending a continuous stream of messages to 777 and rebooting phone… Not convenient at all

  3. Had the same experience too till I discovered a way out. Just delete all previous messages u’ve sent to or received from 777 from your phone before sending a new message to 777. Works for me, u can try it as well.

  4. I experience the same dis not and I follow wht jack idiot just said and it work fine on my BlackBerry z10

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