When your car has more code than jet aircraft

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Cars are the most software-intensive systems in the universe, with far more lines of code than even a state-of-the-art jet fighter.

I was struck with disbelief the first time I read up that statement in an Inside BlackBerry blog post. I mean, come on. A car with more code than a jet aircraft? Get out of here!!! How could that even be true? You have to be on cheap weed to make a claim of that sort.

More code than jet aircraft?

But then, I stopped myself and asked, What if this was true? What if cars are actually more software-intensive than jet fighters? So, I got to asking around. As the feedback from industry experts filtered in, I slowly began to appreciate that I held back from yelling.

Imagine the feeling when I was pointed to an article that says the 2017 Ford GT has three million more lines of code than can be found in a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, and eight million more than in a Lockheed F-22 Raptor fighter. Oh, boy.

Ford GT Supercar 2017 - this car has more code than a jet aircraft

All that code is apparently required to harness the Ford GT’s “electronic systems to provide more assistance to a novice driver on the track. Homed said the car will be faster on track with the traction control left on, even with an expert driver behind the wheel”, among other things. If interested in all the technical details, you should read this article.

Back to the statement that cars are more software-intensive than jet aircraft. Clearly, it doesn’t apply to the Ford GT alone. The statement is generic enough to imply that many other cars out there have more code than jet aircraft.

Now, imagine how much more code probably goes into semi-autonomous and self-driving cars. Tons more code perhaps. I am not sure that your everyday car has anything close to the level of code that super cars have, but hey…..it is a thought. You just never know. My 2008 model jalopy just might…..oh, never mind.

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