Do you play casino games – games of chance or skill for money by using a tablet computer, smartphone or a mobile phone? Over a

The rise of online and casino games on smartphones

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Do you play casino games – games of chance or skill for money by using a tablet computer, smartphone or a mobile phone? Over a dozen mobile casinos were reported to be operating as of March 2011.

Gambling has been big business for hundreds of years. With the arrival of smartphones, casinos began to take advantage of that shift and developed mobile platforms for players. The strong attraction of connected smartphones is the fact that layers have immediate access wherever they go and wherever they are.

As tough as the mobile app development economy has been, mobile gaming has been a runaway success. That is where a huge chunk of money in mobile apps is made. Casino games continue to grow in leaps and bounds, as such.

casino games

Online gaming is similar to mobile gaming, the difference being the end terminal – in this case a PC. Of course, the lines are getting thinner and thinner over time.

Mobile Casino Games

Despite the prospects, Google initially would not allow mobile casino games in Play Store. However, this policy was shelved in 2013 and mobile gambling games are now allowed on the store for the UK, Ireland, and France. Those apps must meet Google’s stringent guidelines though.

But such apps are not allowed in the Play Store outside of those regions. As such, most players of mobile casino games and betting games around the world download the apps from the developers’websites.

Mobile gambling may have taken off early in North America and Europe, but it is catching on in Africa as well, where sports betting is the most active. Its popularity on the continent is due to the high affinity of residents towards sports, as well as the proliferation of local sports betting players. See: Snapshot of Mobile Gambling in Africa.

Mobile and online gaming are fast-growing industries globally. There are legal issues that vary from one country to another, but it does not look like it is going to lose steam.

Do you do any mobile and/or online gaming, betting, or gambling? What have your experiences been with them, if any?

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  1. I’ve, played scrabble online but got bored when I realized the level of cheating that also compelled me to join the cheating game.

    All I do now is enjoy some minutes of chess on my phone or play scrabble on my laptop. Sometimes I also play Need For Speed on my java phone or laptop.

  2. yes i do. They are pretty interesting titles I play on my symbian phone! and it does not seem I’d ever stop playing games on my phone if i have the time.

  3. My first comment here!. I play them a lot..its one of those fun things you should do with your phone. I believe mobile gaming will replace console gaming in a few years time as the front runner in gaming.

  4. until some months ago, I was addicted to mafia wars. which I play every morning or night as long as I have enough energy points. But I stopped as soon as finished their mobile game, the desktop version was too data intensive for me..makes light work of my 2.5gb mtn night plan data bundle.

  5. I play games lots of time. My preferred means of play is a tablet.

    By the way, Harry Echemco, if you play Chess online, then perhaps we could play a game or two. Just register on My user name there is Afewgoodmen too. It’s lovely playing long distance chess. cheers!

  6. Certainly then! But you are going to promise me that I wouldn’t be playing your PC because I don’t see the point playing a remote PC when I have one in the house. Lol.

  7. Of course not! Lol. There is a app on iOS. I guess it’ll also be available on Android. That’s where I do most of CHESSing these days!

  8. @Afewgoodmen

    I’ve searched on the Android market, saw numerous apps but I couldn’t tell which is for or from If you know the name of the developers and the exact name of the app, please post them here.


  9. marhaban damilola.this actually beyond a website,its a school.fasten your seatbelt as you are sucked in.

  10. Currently addicted to shrek kart hd on my n8.Also have avatar hd,the amazing dalton(great time waster),hero of sparta hd and i’ll soon get asphalt 6 hd(i love racing games).I game a lot on my phone but can’t wait for the psp vita.

  11. I tend to prefer games of skill / strategy- rather than chance.

    I once installed a Chess game on
    my phone but later removed it.

    I never play any game on the phone.

    However, i have Chess, Draught and Scrabble on my netbook. I use these very occasionally.

  12. I used to be a pathetic game freak, havin close to a 100 games on my java phone…it ws so bad that friends were scared to leave their phones in my care cos i would never drop it till their battery gives way… Lately, i’ve calmed down and shifted to PC games (but i bet my Toshiba probably winces whenever i turn it on) mostly because games on E-Series mega sucks.

  13. I mostly play EVE Online (or internet spaceships as it’s jokingly referred to) because it’s one of the few games that the affordable connection bandwidth in Nigeria can support. Even with that, I’ve lost a few ships in combat due to terrible connectivity issues.

    I’ve played a few mobile games but I still think they can do a lot better, especially in the graphics department. Mobile phones today are about on par if not powerful than gaming consoles from previous generations, so there’s still a lot of room for improvement. Mobile game development is something I intend to do, hopefully in the not too distant future.

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