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Samsung Max replaces Opera Max but is not available to everyone

samsung max mobile vpn

Opera stopped supporting its Opera Max mobile VPN last year. But it is back, thanks to Samsung. There has been a redesign, so it looks different. The problem is that Samsung Max is not available for everyone.

How to connect your Smart TV to the internet

connect smart tv to internet

Congratulations on the purchase of your fist Smart TV. What is the point of having a Smart TV without it being online? In this guide, we will walk you through how to connect your smart TV to the Internet in a few easy steps.

My old-school friend whose daughter is my Facebook Friend


I have some odd digital relationships, like the one with an older friend, Martha, whose daughter is my Facebook Friend. Sometimes, the daughter shows my funny updates to her, and we banter in that triangle.

Virtual SIM cards are the future, but could take you back to a dark past

physical SIM cards

There is no question about it: Physical SIM cards will eventually go extinct and be replaced by virtual SIM cards. But there is a dark past that this might return subscribers to around the world.

Keyone is an Android smartphone but a BlackBerry in spirit

BlackBerry KEYone keyboard

There are not a lot of smartphones with a hardware keyboard being made any more. The Keyone runs Android OS, yet has BlackBerry’s signature that pulls the user more towards productivity than consumption.