Moto e4 Review: Class On A Budget

moto e4 review back in hand

In this Moto e4 review, Mister Mo shares his experience with using this handy, beautiful, lower mid-range smartphone. I have a sentimental attachment to Motorola. My first mobile phone ever was a Motorola, the T2288 Talkback. The very first ancestor of the modern smartphone that I owned was also a Motorola, the touchscreen A008 Accompli. Motorola pioneered the mobile phonewas once the world’s biggest mobile manufacturer, but eventually, the brand’s fortunes began to wane. The brand was divided into two entities, with Motorola Mobility being the mobile arm. In 2011,…

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Moto e4 Benchmark Tests

moto e4 review

While you have to wait for our full review to see how the E4 performs in real life, we have run our Moto E4 benchmark tests and have the scores ready. We have had the Moto E4 at MobilityArena for some days now. It is a beautiful lower mid-range smartphone. The unit we have with us is the Mediatek variant. With a 5-inch display, a MediaTek MTK6737 Quad-core processor clocked at 1.3 GHz and 2 GB of RAM, one already has an idea of what to expect in terms of…

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Ntel N1 Nova Review – MobilityArena Hands-On Reviews!

ntel N1 Nova review in hand-min

Mister Mo says despite the alphanumeric keypad, this phone is more advanced than many budget smartphones in the market. Enjoy his Ntel N1 Nova review. It has been ages since I held in my hands a smartphone with any sort of hardware keyboard/keypad. But that is exactly what the Ntel N1 Nova is. It is a very interesting device. Do not let the looks fool you; despite it’s feature phone looks, it is more advanced than many budget smartphones in the market. But you must be curious how this device’s…

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Hands-on: Infinix Note 4 Review

Infinix Note 4 review top

Our Infinix Note 4 review is ready after weeks of using it. There was a lot of hype surrounding the Note 4 before its release. It isn’t quite as sexy as its twin brother, the Note 4 Pro, but that isn’t the issue. The question is, Does it live up to its own promises? Let’s find out. Infinix Note 4 Review: Quick Pros And Cons Before we dive into the review proper, starting with the major pros and cons of this device. Key Features Cons Big and bright 5.7-inch display…

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Moto e4 First Impressions And Photos

moto e4 review homescreen in hand

In this Moto e4 first impressions article, Mister Mo shares his thoughts about the handy smartphone. What does he have to say? Read below to find out. Picking the e4 out of the box, one is immediately welcomed by a nice, solid feel to the device. It is built of metal, is handy (it has a 5-inch display), and feels quite light in the hand. The Moto e4 does not feel cheap in any way. But then, the Motorola/Moto brand has had a reputation for merging solid hardware with budget…

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Long-term iPhone SE Review: Any good one year after?

iPhone SE in hand

In this long-term iPhone SE review, HiBeezle shares some of his thoughts about the value of the iPhone SE for prospective buyers in 2017. The iPhone SE’s place in Apple’s arsenal The iPhone SE is cosmetically similar to the 5s, but that’s where the similarity ends. Packing the hardware improvements of the iPhone 6s – besides the extra 0.7 inches of screen with 3D touch implementation – the SE is a more competent phone than the 5s. Being that I never got to publish my experience with the 5s, I’ll…

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Considering the Moto X Style in 2017?

Moto X Style back

As the title suggests, this article is aimed at better informing individuals who are considering Motorola’s 2015 flagship smartphone, the Moto X Style, as their next device – hinting my own experiences, having used the device as my daily driver for months now. Hello Moto! : Challenging price-value ratio With regards mobile technology generally, only a few companies have impacted the landscape and still maintained relevance decades after. Motorola is such a company. Regardless, the company had its share of hard times and looks nothing like the company we knew…

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First Look at the Ntel N1 Nova VoLTE phone

Ntel N1 Nova capacitive shortcut keys

If you have seen the Ntel N1 Nova specifications, you already know that it is an intriguing mobile device. With a 3.5-inch display and traditional hardware mobile keypad, it looks like a feature phone, but it is Android inside. Android 6 Marshmallow, to be precise. The Ntel N1 Nova has full Android OS capabilities – Play Store is in there, as is everything else you expect from Android OS. The N1 Nova is not a small device. It is has about the same height as the Samsung A5 2017 and…

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Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 Review: It Fits In Anywhere

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 Unboxing - sales pack

In this Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 review, Mister Mo shares his experience with using this handy, beautiful, upper mid-range smartphone. This is not a fairy tale, but the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 was love at first sight for me. I loved the display size, the water resistance, and the wide LTE support. I have used it extensively for a while now and have my review ready, so you can find out how it performs. Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 Review: Quick Pros And Cons Before we dive into the review proper,…

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Infinix Note 4 Benchmark Tests

Infinix Smart X5010

Infinix’s Note smartphones are not the highest performers in their lineup. That honour belongs to devices in the Zero series. Still, it doesn’t hurt to find out how it scores in terms of performance. So, we ran Infinix Note 4 benchmark tests to see how it performs on the blocks. Specs-wise, the Infinix Note 4 is not a groundbreaking device. Its features are unmistakably of the Note series though. We have a here a big 5.7-inch display (a slight departure from the Note series’6-inch displays), a big 4300 battery with…

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