The mobile market in recent years has witnessed quite a few emerging phone makers entered the rising African market. One of them is LEAGOO Global, a Hong…

leagoo s8 flash sale

Save ₦3660 off LEAGOO T5c and S8 in Jumia Mobile Week

The mobile market in recent years has witnessed quite a few emerging phone makers entered the rising African market. One of them is LEAGOO Global, a Hong…

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bezel-less design

Which smartphone has the highest screen-to-body ratio?

If we were to throw the question, Which smartphone has the highest screen-to-body ratio? to the general public, the most common answer would probably be, “iPhone X” But that would be a wrong answer.

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download youtube videos

The Best Sites to Download YouTube Videos

YouTube is internationally renowned as the leading and trending site when it comes to online videos. It has a limiting factor when it comes to downloading videos. Here are the best sites to download YouTube videos.

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electric bikes and e-bikes

Electric Bikes, or e-bikes, are the new cool

What smartphones are to feature phones, is what electric bicycles, electric bikes, or simply e-bikes, are to regular bicycles. E-bikes are battery powered bicycles and come with more advanced features.

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crypto-currency buy bitcoin

Buying Bitcoin? A Quick Primer

Many people would love to break into the world of Bitcoin, they just aren’t sure how to go about it. It is now a much simpler process, one that anyone who wants to can learn with relative ease.

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kaios smart feature phone

KaiOS – Everything about the smart feature phone revolution

Imagine having a small cell phone that has super fast 4G broadband internet, basic apps, and a week-long battery life in your pocket. That phone runs KaiOS, a new OS for smart feature phones.

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connect smart tv to internet

2 easy ways to connect your Smart TV to the internet

What is the point of having a Smart TV without it being online? In this step-by-step guide, we will walk you through how to connect your smart TV to the Internet in a few easy steps.

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vodafone the future is esim

Virtual SIM cards are here, and they could take you back to a dark past

The age of virtual SIM cards, also known as eSIM cards or digital SIM cards, is nigh. This technology brings benefits, but there is a dark past that this might return subscribers to.

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best facebook video downloader

Which Are The Best Facebook Video Downloader Apps In 2020?

You can stream videos on Facebook, but sometimes you want to download some videos, because it saves data and you can watch the downloaded videos anytime later. Here are the best Facebook video downloader apps of 2018.

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Android Enterprise Recommended devices hero

Android Enterprise Recommended devices: Are they really best for business use?

What are Android Enterprise Recommended devices? Are they really the best options for your corporate use?

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loving in pain movie download

Short Story: Loving In Pain Because Lagos Is Not Wakanda

Mister Mo was thankful to be able to kick off his shoes and strip down to his boxers. What would be the point of dressing like T’Challa in the sweltering heat of Lagos? Lagos is not Wakanda, please.

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Infinix Flash Charging

Infinix Flash Charging problems and how to solve them

Infinix smartphones have had a history of problems with charging. If your Infinix smartphone has flash charging built in and you need to solve a charging problem it has, this help resource deals with this category of phones.

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Websites, blogs and online stores

No, sir; websites, blogs and online stores are not dying soon

Listening to some people, you would think that websites, blogs and online stores are dying and will become irrelevant. Mister Mo explains why that kind of thinking is mostly hot air.

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turn off iphone throttling

How to turn off or disable iPhone throttling

If you are worried that Apple is slowiing down your device without your permission, here is how to find out and disable or turn off iPhone throttling to speed up your phone again.

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Building Nigerian Startups

Parable of the mega village school: Nigerian Startups, hype, and the addressable market

It is silly to build a mega school in a village where the total population of school-going people is unable to sustain it. Nigerian startups will do well to pay proper attention to the total addressable market of the country instead of running around with the country’s total population.

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