You can create, edit and save documents on your smartphone. In times past, however, you could not print your document unless you somehow got it out onto…

Google Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print allows you to print directly from your smartphone

You can create, edit and save documents on your smartphone. In times past, however, you could not print your document unless you somehow got it out onto…

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problem communicating with Google servers

Fix: There was a problem communicating with Google servers

If a Google service on your phone says, “There was a problem communicating with Google servers” or “Cannot connect to Google servers”, here is what to do.

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Smartphone camera manual mode

Take better photos with your smartphone camera’s manual mode

There are several smartphones with really powerful cameras. This means that you can take really stunning pictures with just you smartphone. A lot of people just whip…

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apps and software

Take your small business digital with these Apps and Software

“An application is a type of software. All applications are software, but not all software are applications.” Nigeria barely identifies as a digital country. Paper shuffling and…

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small business phone plan

How To Make An iPhone Conference Call: A Quick And Easy Guide

What is the meaning of the phrase “conference call”? It is a telephone call that involves three or more participants at the same time. Do you need…

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lagoon phone call from 08030004900 MTN killer number

Are phone calls from 08030004900 really sending people to their deaths?

There has been a hullabaloo about people killing themselves after receiving a call from an “MTN killer number”, 08030004900. So, Mister Mobility called the number. How did it go?

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If you need to hide files or apps on your smartphone. . .

Do you ever feel mad at someone for going through your phone without permission? Maybe you have apps, files or documents you would like to keep private….

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quick charger

Quick Chargers: How they work; different types

To speed up charging times for smartphones, various fast charge technologies have been developed. This article explains how Fast Battery Charging and quick chargers work.

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Picking up a cut-price flagship mobile in 2017

Whilst the massive range of smartphones has left us with a staggering amount of choices, the competitive marketplace has also provided us with some serious bargain opportunities….

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What is the difference between a smartphone and a feature phone?

What is the difference between smartphones and feature phones? In the beginning, there were basic cell phones. Then smartphones arrived. And now we also have smart feature phones. Mister Mobility answers your questions.

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voice recognition mobile

Voice recognition needs to catch up with iris and fingerprint

Voice recognition technology allows mobile users to interact with their smartphones. It can be very useful in situations where one is unable to use hands. However, it…

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boom j8 in hand

Why your unlocked phone will not work all over the world

Every now and then, I run into someone who is complaining that an unlocked phone they purchased in one country does not work when they travelled or…

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How to get the Naira sign (₦) on Android keyboard

Typing the Naira sign or symbol on a mobile phone has got to be one of the most difficult things to do. Trust me, I’ve been there….

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buying the right smartphone

The Perfect Guide to Buying the right Smartphone

A smartphone is a very important device for day to day activities. it is important for communication via mobile network, email, social media and so on. It…

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Mobilityarena Mobile Guide

Understanding Mobile Phones – A Quick Guide

Mobile phones are portable telephones that can make and receive calls wirelessly while users move about within service coverage area. The key words are wireless and movement….

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