Some causes of car fires you should be aware of

Fire is a good, servant, says an age-old adage, but a bad master. However, there are places where you wouldn’t want fire to be master or servant. One example of such a place is your car. Automobiles are prone to catching fire, due to some factors like the fuels and the electrical components. Understanding the causes of car fires can help you prevent a fire outbreak in your car, which would be quite an uncomfortable situation for any occupants of the vehicle. Here are some causes of car fires:


The battery’s charging cycles can cause explosive hydrogen gas to build up in the engine bay. The electric current supplied by the battery can cause sparks, which can quickly ignite a fluid drip r leaked vapors. Also, electrical wiring runs throughout the car, which means that a fire can start from anywhere within the vehicle as a result of exposed wiring.


An engine can overheat and make the internal fluids (oil, coolant etc.) to rise to dangerous temperatures. These liquids could then spill out of their designated areas of circulation and spread to place where they could ignite. An overheating engine requires immediate attention.


Depending on the impact site, a car crash can spark a fire. Large impacts are likely to cause fluid leaks and spillage, as well as heat and smoke. These are great for car fires. It is always best to get as far away from a crash as soon as possible.


Forgetting or neglecting to properly maintain your car indirectly leads to car fires. For example, if there ar ebrolen parts you fail to replace, these would make your car more susceptible to fire. An engine with a bad gasket is more likely to drip hazardous and flammable fluids, and a frayed piece of wire is likely to create sparks and make contact with flammable materials.


A design flaw is the first step to some really avoidable car fires. However, not all design flaws result in a car fire. But any design flaw makes a car more susceptible to a fire.


This might sound like a no-brainer, but smoking in a car is a huge risk. Dropping a lit matchstick or a cigarette butt anywhere inside a car increases the risk of causing a fire. Therefore it is best to get out of the car before smoking.


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