My fellow blogger and friend, Chuks Udegbunam, has good advice for those who may be looking at dropping their legacy** BlackBerry smartphones for Android. It

Caution: Before you drop your BlackBerry for Android

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My fellow blogger and friend, Chuks Udegbunam, has good advice for those who may be looking at dropping their legacy** BlackBerry smartphones for Android. It is very practical and sensible advice, if you ask me. I can imagine that there are those who, excited that they can now “ping”from an Android device, are considering the switch. In a nutshell, he asks you to count the cost before you switch. What cost?

Can you afford a minimum of N3,000 monthly for mobile internet? There are currently no dedicated data plans for Android devices or generic data plans that offer the kind of value that BlackBerry Complete plans offer. Chukwudi puts it this way:

If you download loads of music and mobile movies on your Blackberry device, do not sell it and switch to android. You will cry later when your android starts to show you pepper in terms of data consumption.

I agree. Do the math, then switch if it fits your bill. If not, that green grass that you see on the other side is not as nutritious as the one on your side. People who keep saying that once BBM goes cross platform, BlackBerry is dead are missing out that one other thing – the cost of mobile internet subscription. For now, nothing beats what BlackBerry internet plans offer in terms of data. That may change at some point, but until then… count your coins before jumping.

The article also includes two download links for BBM for Android. Head over to PatchWork Of Tips to read the complete article: BBM For Android Download Link and Caution Before Switching Sides.

**Legacy BlackBerry refers to earlier BlackBerry OS versions e.g. OS7, OS6, OS5


  1. In as much as I feel bored with my blackberry phone, honestly, I never saw myself discontinuing its usage. This has always primarily been due to cost of data as espoused in this write up.

    I don’t see myself forking out N6,500 for 3G when I have been so spoiled with a paltry N1,000 for the same 3G on Etisalat BB. Hell no! Well, for now BB stays as long as I can continue to tether it with my Android using the WiFi hotspot as long as it is allowed.

  2. Am sure he is refering to those that still use bb os7. Anyone buying bb os10 phones is just wasting money cause the data allowance on them is just like generic data allowance.

  3. No need to scare people away from switching to Android because of BBM.
    The same data affordability currently enjoyed on BB will still be enjoyed on Android as the mobile network operators are poised to subsidise the BBM data access.
    In fact, MTN is said to start offering free data for BBM on Android. Just wait and see.

  4. Baoku Iseotan,

    It is not scaremongering. The networks may provide subsidised access to BBM, but still won’t offer the huge data allocations at N1,000 monthly that BlackBerry Complete plans are known for. A very big difference.

  5. If pinging was the only reason why an individual was tolerating the clunkiness of Blackberry in the past, they are just about to be liberated.

    But, if cheap data was also a consideration, all he has to do is switch over to Airtel and throw the berry into the bush.

    Airtel allows N1, 200 for 1Gig & N1,500 for 2Gig for any platform use, and throws tethering into the mix, too

    Officially, or not, that’not too shabby for most users..

  6. Mark, i’ve tried the normal OS7 BB Absolute plan on the Z10 and it works perfectly. Thats with glo sha. Nothing beats the data allocation on the N1000 BB Complete by Glo and Etisalat, i dont use a blackberry but i’m planning to get one just for tethering and/or mobile hotspot.

  7. EyeBeeKay,

    If I switch over to Airtel for the sake of cheap data, I’d be tearing my hair out within minutes. Airtel mobile internet is useless at my end here. Completely useless for anything serious. And Lord knows I have tried again and again.

    These generic recommendations sound well and dandy. In reality…. Lots of people exist in various scenarios.

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